Monday, February 28, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #33 ~ Discovering the Real Stella

We have had our little bundle of joy for almost ten months and it has been an amazing and bumpy ride. There is so much you learn about yourself as well as your marriage when a new addition joins the family. And to think we used to fight over matters with our dog. Geez!

Stella has become quite the little character and everyone comments on her personality. For those of you that know hubby and me, it is no surprise to find that she is a little spitfire with a bow. Her dramatic tendencies (from hubby) and her stubbornness (my fault) have really come into play when watching her with her daily tasks.

We have started using a “stern” tone with her when she is heading for disaster and this has been absolutely hilarious and almost unbelievable at the same time. Just the other night, she was looking at a pop-up book. Yes, I didn’t learn after the black eye incident and gave her another book to look at just days later. She was enthralled with the pop-ups and began to get a little rough with her book. We went right back to the excited throwing her arms up and down (with the book in hand, mind you). I gave out a warning call to get her attention and used a “stern” tone mostly because she has started to ignore me when she is “busy” and she looked up and me and my brother who was sitting in the room. I shook my head “no”, which she knows as well, although I am kicking myself for allowing her to understand what that means, and out came the bottom lip. Not only did I get the lip, but I also got the immediate crocodile tears, one out of each eye, just for effect. My brother and I looked at each other and almost died. Stella then proceeded to look down at the book, bottom lip out in full form, and close her eyes as though she was wishing me out of the room. DRAMA.

I just looked back at some of my old posts and saw the pouty lip picture from when she was four or five months old. I should have known then. Never the less, I love watching her personality blossom before my eyes. I predict this to only be cute for a few more years, as such qualities will surely make a handful of a teenager.
I have all these toys but I want THE BOX!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday ~ Oscar Fun

I remember, pre-baby days, some of our funnest nights used to be during a big awards show.  The Grammy's, Golden Globes, Oscars always provided a reason to get together, open some booze, and get some good eating in.  We used to even have dinner parties where we would have a pool and try to guess who was going to win the big categories.  I never won.

Tonight is the Oscars and I am embarrassed to say that I haven't seen ANY of the movies that are up for awards.  The closest I have come is hearing about how wonderful The King's Speech was and hoping to see The Black Swan.  Actually, our nanny watched Toy Story 3 one night on our Pay-per-view.  Does that count?  I guess this year, the party will be taking place at someone else's house and hubby, Stella and I will be creating our own new, tradition for awards shows.  I mean, it really is about what everyone is wearing, isn't it?

Here is a fun recipe (courtesy of The Food Network) for the whole family to enjoy while you sit at the television and see your favorite movies win.  Or if you are like us, while you sit and gossip about who is wearing what.  It's a haute play on the favored movie snack, popcorn!

Pepped Up Popcorn

Cheesy Popcorn:

1 (3.5-ounce) package natural microwave popcorn (not the buttered kind)
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan
Kosher salt


Pop the popcorn according to package instructions. While hot, carefully open package and dump into a large bowl. Drizzle oil over the popcorn, and toss the popcorn with your hands to coat. Add the cheese and toss again. Season, to taste, with salt. Cool. Transfer to a sealed container or serve immediately.

Sweet and Spicy Popcorn:

2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1 (3.5-ounce) package natural microwave popcorn (not the buttered kind), popped

Put the sugar, butter, and chili powder in a microwave-safe bowl; microwave on medium (50 percent power) until butter melts, about 1 minute. Stir to dissolve sugar. Drizzle over freshly popped popcorn; and toss to evenly coat. Cool. Transfer to a sealed container or serve immediately.

Rocky Road Popcorn:

1 (3.5-ounce) package natural microwave popcorn (not the buttered kind)
1 cup mini or regular chocolate chips
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 cup salted peanuts, optional

Pop the popcorn according to package instructions. While it's still hot, carefully open and dump into a large bowl. Add the chips and marshmallows.

Return popcorn to the microwave. Cook on high until the chips and marshmallows get gooey, about 1 minute. Add the peanuts, if desired, and toss with a spoon until all the popcorn is coated. Cool until chocolate hardens, about 20 minutes. Transfer to a sealed container or serve immediately.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday

This Fashion Friday is featuring something for both moms and the little ones, from the same great designer. Kris Petit grew up as a knitter, weaver, and sewer. Therefore, it was only natural for her to do some knitting when she became pregnant with her daughter, Willa. One of her greatest creations was a pair of knit, angora booties which turned into Yo My Booties, the hautest baby item around. So haute, they have been seen on many celebrity babies.

Stella with her Cotton Candy Signature Booties

Yo My Booties has been described a “Manolo Blahnik’s for tykes” and they are FABULOUS. I got my first pair of Cotton Candy Signature Booties for Stella when I was on The Ellen Degeneres show for Mother’s Day. I have been hooked ever since. Stella has multiple pairs of Yo My Booties and her first metallic pair is on the way. The newest haute items are the Slipper Booties which are designed for 6 months to 5T shoe sizes. They are gorgeous and are a mix of alpaca and angora. Stella cruises around town in her fluffy little booties and they often draw more attention than our cute little baby girl herself. Are you in a cold weather state? Check out the Woolly Mammoth Booties. You will not be disappointed.

Kris along with Violet Marut, both designers and vintage collectors officially opened a showroom and design space called VOK in January of this year. “We wanted to create a showroom with high end designer vintage clothes and blend in our own line” the designers explain. Kris and Violet whose fingers are continually on the pulse of what’s next, bring VOK shoppers an eclectic and unique mix to their downtown showroom. The VOK line has launched with Leather pieces laced in Vintage Embellishments and the Vintage Designer collection ranging from the 20’s to current cannot be found anywhere else. Shoppers will find some of the most sought-after vintage labels at VOK such as Chanel, Gucci, and Dior, to name a few. Haute Moms, this is right up our alley. The stuff they have a TO DIE FOR. After all, we need to match our haute little babes and their booties.  Go and shop now!

 Haute Mom Special: Kris has offered to give all Haute Mom readers a 10% discount of any pair of the Signature Booties. To claim your discount, go to Yo My Booties, select your color and size and then send an email to requesting the Haute Mom discount with your order. For all other booties, go directly to the site and order away! Check for deals on free shipping as well!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Mama's Goin' Shopping!

Check out the latest event!
This Thrifty Thursday is another good one (of course).  Haute Mom will be sure to get into lots of trouble here.  Zulily is an online store that offers daily sales events on the best brand apparel and other goodies for you, and your babes.  You can save up to 90% off retail prices.

You have to be a member but it's like a ticket to an amazing sample sale. Only members can take advantage of zulily's low prices. Membership is FREE and signing up is fast and easy. It took me less than five minutes. Once you're a member, you'll be the first to know what we've got to offer every day.

Zulily is not a traditional online store. They feature new items every day. They don't keep stock in a warehouse. Zulily events last 72 hours . . . then they're gone! Some brands go even faster. The best part if new brands replace the old ones so the selection is constantly changing!

Each weekday, there are at least five limited-time shopping events. You will receive a daily e-mail revealing them and then you can (gleefully!) click on the site and shop. Every day is different, so if you're looking for something specific, check back often. Anything and everything for moms, babies, and kids will show up on Zulily!  It is so much fun! Go to Zulily now!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Happy Hump Day! What better way to get over the midweek hump then to kick off your heels and do a little blog hopping.

Haute Mom

Blog Hop RulesThis is a low key hop. After all…it is Welcome Wednesday, here to get the inspirational juices flowing and find other blogs we can stalk! Put those feet up, relax, and join in the bloggy fun. There are a few rules though:

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So link up! You don’t have to post about the hop…but you know how we ladies work, the more the merrier. We would love it if you would help us spread the word to help Welcome Wednesday grow!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday Blog Hop Debut!

Haute Mom

I have teamed up with Queen of our Castle to start a Wednesday blog hop.  Why?  What better way to get us all past hump day.  Haute moms get ready to kick off your heels tomorrow, link up to the hop, and do a little reading.  Invite your other followers beacuse you know how us ladies work, the more the merrier!

Come back tomorrow and be sure to link up!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #32 ~ No I Do Not Beat My Child

Being a teacher, I find it very important to expose Stella to certain things early on, so that she knows that they are a part of her life.  Take books for example.  I was thinking about one of my fondest childhood memories; going to the library with my mom to check out books.  I LOVED going to the library.  My mom and I would separate in the library foyer and go to our respective sections.  Those soon became the same sections after so many years, and we would walk down and stand in line together to check our books out.  I even remember the day I got my first library card.  I used to carry it around in my wallet.  All I had in there was the library card and probably some coins but you can bet I never left home without in just in case we were going to the library while we were out.  I was a Girl Scout and I took our motto "Be prepared" very seriously.

I've been determined to have Stella interact with books from day one.  I bought infant books that helped her develop her sight and color.  Now I try to read to her or make books available to her and I must say, she will go to her books before her toys more times than not.  Now that Borders is going out of business, we took a trip there and I bought a ton of books, and I hope to pay them a visit every week or so to build up Stella's book collection.

On Saturday, Stella was playing with these three books that I had found.  They are large, soft sided books (about 12 x 12) with beautifully colored pictures.  They are part of a series of large books of nursery rhymes.  She seemed to be attached to Rock A Bye Baby.  I was watching her thumb (or rather tear) through the pictures and point things out.  Stella and I were conversing about the scenes in the book and every now and then she would get excited and whap the book up and down.  I was thinking that I may actually have a born reader in front of me and watched gleefully as Stella entertained herself with her new literature.  Next thing I know the whap on the floor turned into a WHAP in Stella's face (insert SCREAMING baby here).  Ugh...I really did it this time.  Why does this crap always happen on my watch?  I swear, the TV wasn't even on.  I grabbed Stella just in time to see a welt forming near her eye. 

It is now Monday and my beautiful baby girl looks like a tough little scrapper.  She has a black eye.  Yup...I am a bad mommy and my attempt to integrate an important part of a child's life, reading, has backfired.  My dad wanted to know why I would even let her play with books.  Ok, so my tail is between my legs and I guess my selfish glee in watching my daughter have fun with books has backfired. 

And to all of you who have been giving me those looks when Stella and I have been out and about - no, I do not beat my child. Rock A Bye Baby did it.

10 weeks old - my little reader

Hi!  My mommy let me beat myself with a book.  Check out my shiner!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday - Who Wants Pizza?

Something that we always tend to crave on a lazy Sunday is pizza. Whether it is lunchtime and your family is sitting around or dinner time rolls in and you are looking for a quick and easy meal, pizza seems to be the cure all. Now that I am back to my happy weight, pizza is definitely not welcome around my house. Although I am all for enjoying things in moderation, I have no self control around pizza and the intent of one or two pieces turns three or four. This may even mean pizza for breakfast the next day because I just can't help myself.

I found this great recipe from Dana Angelo White who is all about fast and healthy. She has created a very doable pizza recipe that will meet all the requirements of a good pizza. It is good, it is quick and easy, and the best part, it is least healthier than your normal delivery pizza which can pack over 200 calories and 11 grams of fat in just one slice of plain cheese. I hope I didn't ruin it for you all.

This recipe is a heathy alternative for that staple Sunday pizza. I was thinking how much fun it would be to let your kids or guests make their own pizzas too - you could just supply the toppings! Or what about having a pizza potluck?!

Serves: 8

Version 1: Vegetable

  • 2 whole wheat English muffins, sliced
  • 1/4 cup marinara sauce
  • 1/4 cup diced bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup sliced black olives
  • 4-5 fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped
  • 1/2 cup shredded part skim mozzarella cheese
Preheat oven to 375F. Place English muffins on a baking sheet lines with aluminum foil. Top with marinara sauce, bell pepper, olives and basil. Sprinkle with cheese and bake for 12-15 minutes until cheese is melted.

Nutrition information per pizza:
Calories: 130; Total fat: 4.5g Saturated fat: 2g; Carbohydrate: 16g; Protein: 7g; Sodium: 390mg

Version 2: BBQ Chicken
  • 2 whole wheat English muffins, sliced
  • 1/4 cup barbecue sauce
  • 1 medium scallion, finely chopped
  • 3 oz grilled chicken breast, diced
  • 1/2 cup shredded part skim mozzarella cheese
Preheat oven to 375F. Place English muffins on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Top with barbecue sauce, scallion and chicken. Sprinkle with cheese and bake for 12-15 minutes until cheese is melted.

Nutrition information per pizza
Calories: 160; Total fat: 16g; Saturated fat: 2g; Carbohydrate: 16g; Protein: 13.5g; Sodium: 428mg

Friday, February 18, 2011

Haute Mom's Club ~ Latest Member: Free Sample Momma

Haute Moms Club
The lastest Haute Mom's Club member is the author of one of my favorite mommy blogs.  Free Sample Momma keeps all haute moms updates with the latest places to get free samples.  I mean she is the free sample QUEEN!  I have received free samples of anything from detergent to post-its.  If a company is giving away a sample, she knows about it.  You MUST follow her blog, us moms need all the FREE stuff we can get so that our money can go to haute things

Click here to

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mamabargains $20 Giveaway

Last week for Thrifty Thursday I featured this AWESOME site called Based on the number of "likes" (over 65,000) they have on Facebook, most of you probably are already hooked but if you weren't, and you read my post last week, I bet you are now! I promised a little giveaway sponsored by Mamabargains so in honor of today's Thrifty Thursday, we are kicking it off...just because is fantastic enough to be featured two weeks in a row! is the first and only one deal at a time website. What does this mean? It means they feature a premium product, one at a time, that is always 50-80% discounted. When that product sells out, up goes another. You never know how many deals they will have in one day or just how long a product will last...that's the hook. This great idea was dreamt up by fellow haute mom Jessica Singer who literally had a dream about a business such as this one called "Momazon". Jessica and her husband turned that dream into a reality and in 2008, was launched! On top of that, I have had only positive experiences with their service.
I just went over to their site right now to check out what they were featuring so I could write about it and I ended up buying something! They are selling Hippie Clippies as I type and they are DARLING...and 55% off! Oh my gosh - I have a problem and sadly, you will too if you don't already!

I am giving away a $20 gift certificate to and who knows what goodies they are going to have in the future. Don't miss your chance to get some fun spending money on the best site around for haute moms and their babes.

To enter this giveaway you must follow Haute Mom publicly and tell me what is selling RIGHT NOW! Leave one comment telling me this and please include your email. You must do this before you complete any of the extra entries!

Extra entries – leave a comment telling me you have done each of these

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Good luck to all you haute moms! The winner will be chosen by at the end of this giveaway which is Thursday, March 3rd at 9 p.m. PST.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #32 ~ What to Eat

Stella turned nine months on Sunday and I cannot believe the time has flown by. There have been so many stages of her life that have caused these dilemmas and there are probably a zillion more to come! Stella just had her nine month well baby visit and she is turning out to be what may resemble a long, skinny, bean pole (much like I was as a kid). Although the doctor says she is perfectly healthy, I, the nervous mom, am concerned so I am determined to fatten her up. I mean, what does the doctor know? Just recently, I looked at a guideline of what a nine month old should be eating and I was astounded at how much food they should have. I guess this explains Stella's slow weight gain over the last few months (she's not even gaining a pound a month).

We are now feeding her some type of solid with five of her six feedings. She has breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. I am doing my best to make sure that her meals are balanced with fruits, vegetables, grains and a little bit of dairy (cheese or yogurt) because well, I am uptight and anal. Everything was going fine until the doctor said I could introduce meats (enter screeching tire sound here).

Ugh. Meat. The thought of feeding Stella meat out of a jar just grosses me out. I, being the haute mom that I am, rarely cook. To be honest, I would but once you enter the prep time, and clean up, I often am too tired to make a meal or simply, it is too late by the time I get home. So if I do cook, it is only once or twice a week, mostly in the crock pot. This kind of limits me with cooking meat and blending it up for Stella. Her doctor said I could make stew or soup with meat for her and I just smiled. So what to do?

My plan of attack is to start her out with beans and tofu. Both are easy to cook, safe, soft, and will supply her with enough protein to do the trick. We went out for sushi last night and I gave her some soy beans. She couldn't get enough. I checked with the dietician that I work with and got a thumbs up on my plan so hopefully, the baby food meat can be skipped all together. Especially since my rule is to try everything that I feed her...I may be saving both of us from some serious gag reflex.

Stella loves meal time-ready to eat at one of our favorite spots.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day ~ A Celebration of Love

I woke up this morning and saw my Facebook page littered with comments of love and appreciation for spouses as well as those bitter comments filled with resentment coming from all my single friends.  It got me thinking about this commercialized holiday where the price of roses skyrockets and poor hubbies are praying that a store will still have a box of chocolate he can pick up on his way home. What is Valentine's Day supposed to be all about?

According to the history, the origin of the day cannot be pinpointed yet there are many legends as to where the day came from.  My favorite is the legend of St. Valentine.  According to one legend, an ancient emperor in Rome banned  marriage and disallowed men from having any emotional connection with their spouse.  He thought this would make them better soldiers.  St. Valentine didn't agree with this so he would marry men and women in secret.  When the emperor caught wind of this, he ordered the death of St. Valentine, which happened to be guessed it, February 14th.  Since then the day has been a celebration of love, affection, and sharing gifts with those you care about.

In my book, this doesn't necessarily equate with being a couple.  It can take on a whole lot of different meanings, mostly remembering to celebrate our freedom to love.  I will be sharing this day with my husband, of course, but also with all those in my life that I love, my precious daughter, and family and friends.  Spread the love everyone, and leave the $100 roses to someone else.

                                                                Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday

This lazy Sunday post is coming from Mammoth Lakes, CA. We took our first family ski trip to one of our favorite ski resorts. I have been a passholder at this mountain for years and sat out last season since I was pregnant. It was good to be back. Hubby and I struggled with the logistics of skiing and watching a nine month old. Many of the couples we know simply take turns watching the baby and skiing but what fun is that? I know beggars can't be choosers but it was important to us to ski together since that is one of the hobbies that we enjoy doing together. At the end of the day, we decided to bring the nanny with us. Although our price of travel increased, it was well worth it. We got to have a great weekend skiing together without worrying about the other person watching the baby. Stella was in good hands while we were on the mountain. This is definitely not something we could afford to do all the time but I guess in the spirit of the weekend, we splurged. Happy Valentine's Day weekend to all you haute moms. I hope you find some quality time with your significant others...or at least a fabulous box of chocolates.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Thrifty Thursday

This Thursday I am going to highlight the best place to get haute deals on baby and mom stuff.  If you don't know about this site, haute moms, you have been missing out!  My favortie place BY FAR for great deals is  They are so great that their motto is "Get Hooked" because well, that't what happens once you start using them.  There is a package from multiple times a month at my house that the packages are starting to look like they are part of our porch decorations. is the first and only one deal at a time website.  What does this mean?  It means they feature a premium product, one at a time, that is always 50-80% discounted.  When that product sells out, up goes another.  You never know how many deals they will have in one day or just how long a product will last...that's the hook.  This great idea was dreamt up by fellow haute mom Jessica Singer who literally had a dream about a  business such as this one called "Momazon".  Jessica and her husband turned that dream into a reality and in 2008, was launched! On top of that, I have had only positive experiences with their service. 

For all you Facebooks users, if you "Like" them on Facebook you will get status updates on what is currently being sold on the site.  I have made many rushed phone calls home to my hubby from the car begging him to get on and make a purchase before it is too late! Most of those updates are put on by Jessica herself. also has an exclusive relationship with Proctor & Gamble.  If you become a Luvs Facebook fan you will get a once weekly sneak peek at one of their deals with the exact time it is going to be sold!  Well worth the Facebook "thumbs up" if you ask me.

Hurry on over to and see what they have today...and in an hour...and later tonight.  You literally will be hooked.  Coming soon I hope to be having a giveaway sponsored by so get hooked on their site and keep your eyes open over here at Haute Mom for that giveaway!  Happy shopping haute moms!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All Through The Night

To continue on with the sleeping saga, or lack thereof, my little angel Stella has earned the “Party in my Crib at 3 a.m.” onesie. She is quite the night owl lately and much to my embarrassment, she has learned that one of her parents will come and party with her if she just cries long enough. Now that I am working on an estimated of four hours of sleep per night over the past two weeks, I am more than ready for a solution. I asked my pediatrician what the deal was and he calmly replied, “Their sleeping patterns do change. Isn’t that funny?” No. It is not.

I’ve wondered if it was the fact that her two upper teeth were starting to make an appearance so I went bananas with the Orajel and Baby Tylenol. That didn’t work. I also realized that I may not have been feeding Stella enough so I upped her amounts of solid foods throughout the day. Gerber loves me but Stella did not sleep any more soundly. We are now in quite the nighttime routine and I fear, the longer it lasts, the more permanent it will become.

I started doing some research online (which sometimes is too much of a good thing) and read some articles on “sleep regression”. What drew me to these articles was the fact that all of them were linked to “9 month old not sleeping through the night” comments. BINGO! According to this sleep regression, when our little ones hit certain milestones (growing, teething, crawling, walking, etc.) their bodies physically and mentally are working overtime. This increase in activity can actually cause their little brains to process throughout the night, keeping them from a fitful night’s slumber. Such milestones occur at four months, nine months which is apparently the worst one (thank you very much), and twelve months.

Myth or fact? I am not sure. It makes sense to me but there is nothing but a blog devoted to this “sleep regression”. Their only solution is to wait it out which is what I am doing anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter if it is true or false. In the meantime, at least I have something to blame the bags under my eyes on.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #31 ~ Bringing Baby

Now that Stella is just about nine months old we have gotten to the point where we are taking her with us to most places. The usual shopping and restaurant experiences can be done without a hitch and hubby and I are venturing on to more daring outings. This weekend we are going skiing for the first time in two years and I can’t wait to get into my ski outfits. Yup, I said outfits.

The most recent grand outing was to the Farmers Insurance Open, which is a golf tournament that is held in San Diego. This is one of those tournaments that’s worth going to even though golf can be a total snoozefest to watch if you are not a fan. The ladies are dressed in the most non-golf course friendly outfits and all the big dogs play, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods (dirtbag), you name it. I had questioned my sanity in bringing Stella considering golf is one of the QUIETEST sports on earth and we had to park 15 miles away and shuttle in. There was to be no quick getaway car in case of emergency.

We got down to the tournament, which was a little over an hour away and things went without a hitch. The stroller, diaper bag, Stella’s mood, and the weather were all aligned perfectly. It was an amazing family day.

This got me thinking…what places are truly “kid friendly”? I thought it may be inappropriate to bring a baby to a professional golf tournament. After looking up details, I learned that they actually do a lot to accommodate kids. What about things like wine tasting? I know people that bring their kids to wineries and then I have others say how inappropriate it is. Concerts? Plays? Movie theaters? I am not saying I would bring Stella to any of these but I would be lying if I said I had never thought about it. When does bringing baby cross the line?

Thirsty girl

View of the fairway
Tuckered out

Enjoying the fun

Monday, February 7, 2011

Best baby shoes...ever.

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about a children’s shoe company, pediped. They were having a fundraiser where 50% of the shoe sales would go to a charitable donation. I bought some shoes for Stella (only because it was going to a good cause, of course) and they arrived about two days later. That’s right, TWO days later. Aaaahhh, instead gratification with online shopping for this haute mom!

I immediately tried one of the pairs on Stella and I have to say, love them. I have had such a difficult time finding shoes that fit and were comfortable for Stella and these are them. They are easy to put on, Stella doesn’t even realize that she has them on and, did I mention, I LOVE THEM!

If you didn’t buy a pair then, I highly encourage everyone to do so now. These seriously, are the best shoes I have ever tried for Stella. And I have tried a lot! I bought the Jackie’s and they are still on sale, among with many other styles in all three of their lines: the Originals (0-24 months), Grip ‘n’ Go (9 months to 3 years), and the Flex (1 to 6 years).

The pediped® Spring/Summer 2011 collection also just debuted with the new Adventure Line which are eco-friendly, machine washable, and water-safe. They are also lighter weight and more flexible than other waterproof shoes on the market. And yes haute moms, they are darling, as is the rest of the collection. Get those manicured fingers ready to shop! Go to pediped now.

Stella in her pedipeds - normally she's trying to get her shoes off!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion Friday

For this Fashion Friday I would like to ponder jeans because you all know that I am obsessed. I am proud to report that just shy of nine months after having Stella, I fit into all of my pre-pregnancy jeans and even have room to spare. Although my jeans fit, I have to say that they fit DIFFERENTLY. I weigh less than I did when I found out I was preggy but still, my haute jeans fit FUNNY. Haute moms, you know what I mean don’t you?

There is something that gets…uh…left over from ten months of pregnancy and it is not pretty. My hubby thinks I am crazy but there is something softer and well, looser about my skin in my stomach region. What’s up with that? I always think I am rockin’ the jeans and love the way they fit until I lean over and feel that extra MOM thing that wasn’t there before. Stella likes to jump on it and grab it. Yikes.

I have been seeing a lot of new things come out in the jean arena that boast comfort and a “slimmer” you. There are brands like Skinny Jeans, Ryders by Lee and Not Your Daughters jeans that are made to make the female have a tighter rear, slimmer thighs, and the appearance of no muffin top. I’m curious if they really work or not or if this is just another scam to get all of us haute moms to spend our precious money. Anyone have a pair? Are they fashionable? Do they do the trick? Or do they look like jeans your mom would wear because that is what I am afraid of. Those jean companies sure know how to draw us in don’t they?

And what about the Pajama Jean? Really?! I do love pajamas…

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

This week's Thrifty Thursday features a FABULOUS shopping site! The site Uptown Liz is another site that gives back to a good cause. Not just one good cause, but almost 30 great causes! The reason for its existence is even more special than the site itself.

Ramona Russell

The founder, Ramona Russell is a savvy, haute business woman with a mission. She lost her sister, Liz, to breast cancer in 2006. It was a harsh and painful loss for many reasons, one being that Liz was only 28 years old. Ramona used her talents to start a company in her sister Liz's memory that promotes products from companies whose proceeds directly give back to charitable organizations. She launched Uptown Liz on what would be her sister's 30th birthday, July 17, 2007. (The fact that Liz and i share the same birthdate and I was only born one year before her has made me very reflective.)

Uptown Liz supports almost 30 causes ranging from animal rights, women's health, children's rights, and of course, breast cacncer. You can shop by cause or by product and there is something for everyone. The site sells jewelry, bags, infant clothes, pet products, and even shoes! I found a darling pacifier clip for Stella and dontaed 10% of the amount to the American Cancer Society by purchasing it! 
Pacifier Clip
Be sure to stop by Uptown Liz the next time you need a special gift or the next time you just want to shop, like all us haute moms do!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And the Stars Align...

You know those moments where you are having a tough day and you wonder, "Why am I here?  What is my role in the grand scheme of things?"  I am sure you do, because we all have those moments.  As a teacher I have had many of those.  Correct me if I am wrong, but most teachers go into the profession for one of two reasons.  They either love kids or they want to make a difference in people's lives and being a doctor would just take too darn long.  Kidding about the doctor thing...sort of.  I knew that I wanted to make a difference with students and directly impact their immediate lives which is why I became a health teacher.  Even still, on tough days, I would wonder if I was truly making a difference.

I had a very interesting thing happen to me yesterday.  I can't go into too many details right now but it was the kind of thing that makes you look up at the sky ad say, "I understand now. This is my time to make a difference."  I apologize for the teaser but I want to make sure I have all the facts together so that I can really share this story in all its craziness. I can say that I got wind of a story about a young man who has gone through many hardships including the loss of both his parents.  He, as a friend put it, is a "modern day philanthropist."  He is a poet, a photographer, and a visionary.  This young man is about to partake on an amazing journey and I wanted to help before I even knew who he was.  Yesterday when I was told his name, I learned that he was one of my past students.  I spoke to him last night for the first time in almost seven years and I am committed to using all of my resources to help him.  That includes all you haute moms out there so get ready! I just had to write about this and share because my mind is still spinning from how the universe works sometimes.  Stand by haute moms...the best is yet to come and I hope you will all be a part of it.