Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday

This Fashion Friday is featuring something for both moms and the little ones, from the same great designer. Kris Petit grew up as a knitter, weaver, and sewer. Therefore, it was only natural for her to do some knitting when she became pregnant with her daughter, Willa. One of her greatest creations was a pair of knit, angora booties which turned into Yo My Booties, the hautest baby item around. So haute, they have been seen on many celebrity babies.

Stella with her Cotton Candy Signature Booties

Yo My Booties has been described a “Manolo Blahnik’s for tykes” and they are FABULOUS. I got my first pair of Cotton Candy Signature Booties for Stella when I was on The Ellen Degeneres show for Mother’s Day. I have been hooked ever since. Stella has multiple pairs of Yo My Booties and her first metallic pair is on the way. The newest haute items are the Slipper Booties which are designed for 6 months to 5T shoe sizes. They are gorgeous and are a mix of alpaca and angora. Stella cruises around town in her fluffy little booties and they often draw more attention than our cute little baby girl herself. Are you in a cold weather state? Check out the Woolly Mammoth Booties. You will not be disappointed.

Kris along with Violet Marut, both designers and vintage collectors officially opened a showroom and design space called VOK in January of this year. “We wanted to create a showroom with high end designer vintage clothes and blend in our own line” the designers explain. Kris and Violet whose fingers are continually on the pulse of what’s next, bring VOK shoppers an eclectic and unique mix to their downtown showroom. The VOK line has launched with Leather pieces laced in Vintage Embellishments and the Vintage Designer collection ranging from the 20’s to current cannot be found anywhere else. Shoppers will find some of the most sought-after vintage labels at VOK such as Chanel, Gucci, and Dior, to name a few. Haute Moms, this is right up our alley. The stuff they have a TO DIE FOR. After all, we need to match our haute little babes and their booties.  Go and shop now!

 Haute Mom Special: Kris has offered to give all Haute Mom readers a 10% discount of any pair of the Signature Booties. To claim your discount, go to Yo My Booties, select your color and size and then send an email to requesting the Haute Mom discount with your order. For all other booties, go directly to the site and order away! Check for deals on free shipping as well!


  1. Cute booties and love the picture of your little "pumpkin" sporting her new footwear! Thanks for linking up to NOBH!

  2. Adorable!! When I see things like this, I wish I had a girl! New follower from Bloggy Moms.


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