Monday, February 7, 2011

Best baby shoes...ever.

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about a children’s shoe company, pediped. They were having a fundraiser where 50% of the shoe sales would go to a charitable donation. I bought some shoes for Stella (only because it was going to a good cause, of course) and they arrived about two days later. That’s right, TWO days later. Aaaahhh, instead gratification with online shopping for this haute mom!

I immediately tried one of the pairs on Stella and I have to say, love them. I have had such a difficult time finding shoes that fit and were comfortable for Stella and these are them. They are easy to put on, Stella doesn’t even realize that she has them on and, did I mention, I LOVE THEM!

If you didn’t buy a pair then, I highly encourage everyone to do so now. These seriously, are the best shoes I have ever tried for Stella. And I have tried a lot! I bought the Jackie’s and they are still on sale, among with many other styles in all three of their lines: the Originals (0-24 months), Grip ‘n’ Go (9 months to 3 years), and the Flex (1 to 6 years).

The pediped® Spring/Summer 2011 collection also just debuted with the new Adventure Line which are eco-friendly, machine washable, and water-safe. They are also lighter weight and more flexible than other waterproof shoes on the market. And yes haute moms, they are darling, as is the rest of the collection. Get those manicured fingers ready to shop! Go to pediped now.

Stella in her pedipeds - normally she's trying to get her shoes off!


  1. It is the only shoes my little one will wear and she loves them too!

  2. Noelle loves them too! she was so excited to see them available for toddlers now.

  3. Haha cute!
    It's nice to see kids in shoes.
    Here in Australia it's hard enough to get the kids into any kind of shoes.
    Coming from a UK background, the thought of cold feet and broken glass is enough to make me careful.

    I am following you now, please come over and have a look and follow too!

  4. I have some shoes that people gave us when Julianna was born ... and some that were handed down to us... just started putting shoes on her since it's winter time. I love the pedi-peds and will be buying a pair soon! I hope I can get at least 3 months out of them! :)


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