Monday, February 28, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #33 ~ Discovering the Real Stella

We have had our little bundle of joy for almost ten months and it has been an amazing and bumpy ride. There is so much you learn about yourself as well as your marriage when a new addition joins the family. And to think we used to fight over matters with our dog. Geez!

Stella has become quite the little character and everyone comments on her personality. For those of you that know hubby and me, it is no surprise to find that she is a little spitfire with a bow. Her dramatic tendencies (from hubby) and her stubbornness (my fault) have really come into play when watching her with her daily tasks.

We have started using a “stern” tone with her when she is heading for disaster and this has been absolutely hilarious and almost unbelievable at the same time. Just the other night, she was looking at a pop-up book. Yes, I didn’t learn after the black eye incident and gave her another book to look at just days later. She was enthralled with the pop-ups and began to get a little rough with her book. We went right back to the excited throwing her arms up and down (with the book in hand, mind you). I gave out a warning call to get her attention and used a “stern” tone mostly because she has started to ignore me when she is “busy” and she looked up and me and my brother who was sitting in the room. I shook my head “no”, which she knows as well, although I am kicking myself for allowing her to understand what that means, and out came the bottom lip. Not only did I get the lip, but I also got the immediate crocodile tears, one out of each eye, just for effect. My brother and I looked at each other and almost died. Stella then proceeded to look down at the book, bottom lip out in full form, and close her eyes as though she was wishing me out of the room. DRAMA.

I just looked back at some of my old posts and saw the pouty lip picture from when she was four or five months old. I should have known then. Never the less, I love watching her personality blossom before my eyes. I predict this to only be cute for a few more years, as such qualities will surely make a handful of a teenager.
I have all these toys but I want THE BOX!


  1. Very cool your post. When my baby make 'pouting' hurts the heart.

    Your baby is beautiful.

    Blessings on your family,

  2. It's the truth - they change before your eyes. Every day it's something new. What a great age this is. ANd oh yes, the pouty lip. FUnny how they can't say words but they sure know how to bring out the "lip" when it's needed. Always when looking at Daddy too! Daddy to the rescue!


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