Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #31 ~ Bringing Baby

Now that Stella is just about nine months old we have gotten to the point where we are taking her with us to most places. The usual shopping and restaurant experiences can be done without a hitch and hubby and I are venturing on to more daring outings. This weekend we are going skiing for the first time in two years and I can’t wait to get into my ski outfits. Yup, I said outfits.

The most recent grand outing was to the Farmers Insurance Open, which is a golf tournament that is held in San Diego. This is one of those tournaments that’s worth going to even though golf can be a total snoozefest to watch if you are not a fan. The ladies are dressed in the most non-golf course friendly outfits and all the big dogs play, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods (dirtbag), you name it. I had questioned my sanity in bringing Stella considering golf is one of the QUIETEST sports on earth and we had to park 15 miles away and shuttle in. There was to be no quick getaway car in case of emergency.

We got down to the tournament, which was a little over an hour away and things went without a hitch. The stroller, diaper bag, Stella’s mood, and the weather were all aligned perfectly. It was an amazing family day.

This got me thinking…what places are truly “kid friendly”? I thought it may be inappropriate to bring a baby to a professional golf tournament. After looking up details, I learned that they actually do a lot to accommodate kids. What about things like wine tasting? I know people that bring their kids to wineries and then I have others say how inappropriate it is. Concerts? Plays? Movie theaters? I am not saying I would bring Stella to any of these but I would be lying if I said I had never thought about it. When does bringing baby cross the line?

Thirsty girl

View of the fairway
Tuckered out

Enjoying the fun


  1. Looks like the golf tourney was a hit with Stella! :)
    We bring Jules everywhere b/c we are blessed with such a good baby. But you need to also know your own child's limits.
    I would say there are a few places I would not bring my daughter (just my opinion) - I would not bring her to a bar. And I mean a bar, not a restaurant with a bar. LOL. Don't laugh. I have seen it and it makes me cringe. I mean, get a babysitter if you feel the need to go hang out & drink.
    Another place - fine dining. My daughter is about as good as it gets. But I am pretty sure the diners paying a fine price for their beautiful food & wine & atmosphere do not want to hear my kid squeal in delight... I get that. I agree & when we go out to a nice restaurant, we get a babysitter. We now mostly go to family friendly restaurants (most of them are anyway) since we had her, so she can come with us.
    Thats about all I can think of ...

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  3. I agree with Skye about the bar, (total no-no). I have issues with babies in movies, (unless they are kid/cartoon movies), and plays. I think it is unfair to expect a baby to stay quiet for a 2 hour show. The only exception is church, (I mean it's supposed to be for families right???). But other than that I think most places are "a go," and very kid/family friendly


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