Monday, February 21, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #32 ~ No I Do Not Beat My Child

Being a teacher, I find it very important to expose Stella to certain things early on, so that she knows that they are a part of her life.  Take books for example.  I was thinking about one of my fondest childhood memories; going to the library with my mom to check out books.  I LOVED going to the library.  My mom and I would separate in the library foyer and go to our respective sections.  Those soon became the same sections after so many years, and we would walk down and stand in line together to check our books out.  I even remember the day I got my first library card.  I used to carry it around in my wallet.  All I had in there was the library card and probably some coins but you can bet I never left home without in just in case we were going to the library while we were out.  I was a Girl Scout and I took our motto "Be prepared" very seriously.

I've been determined to have Stella interact with books from day one.  I bought infant books that helped her develop her sight and color.  Now I try to read to her or make books available to her and I must say, she will go to her books before her toys more times than not.  Now that Borders is going out of business, we took a trip there and I bought a ton of books, and I hope to pay them a visit every week or so to build up Stella's book collection.

On Saturday, Stella was playing with these three books that I had found.  They are large, soft sided books (about 12 x 12) with beautifully colored pictures.  They are part of a series of large books of nursery rhymes.  She seemed to be attached to Rock A Bye Baby.  I was watching her thumb (or rather tear) through the pictures and point things out.  Stella and I were conversing about the scenes in the book and every now and then she would get excited and whap the book up and down.  I was thinking that I may actually have a born reader in front of me and watched gleefully as Stella entertained herself with her new literature.  Next thing I know the whap on the floor turned into a WHAP in Stella's face (insert SCREAMING baby here).  Ugh...I really did it this time.  Why does this crap always happen on my watch?  I swear, the TV wasn't even on.  I grabbed Stella just in time to see a welt forming near her eye. 

It is now Monday and my beautiful baby girl looks like a tough little scrapper.  She has a black eye.  Yup...I am a bad mommy and my attempt to integrate an important part of a child's life, reading, has backfired.  My dad wanted to know why I would even let her play with books.  Ok, so my tail is between my legs and I guess my selfish glee in watching my daughter have fun with books has backfired. 

And to all of you who have been giving me those looks when Stella and I have been out and about - no, I do not beat my child. Rock A Bye Baby did it.

10 weeks old - my little reader

Hi!  My mommy let me beat myself with a book.  Check out my shiner!


  1. lol aww poor stella! ;) its ok my emma constantly (well not constantly maybe that was a bad choice of words...only like once in a while lol) gets bruises and bumps and then when i take her into daycare i have to explain what happened they probably think this horribly mother oops.

    P.S.- I have a giveaway going on for a personalized book if you're interested in entering!

  2. I think it's inevitable! Just the other day my little Jenna did a face-plant right onto one of her plastic toys and got a big red mark on her forehead.

  3. Love your site! Following from Bloggy moms


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