Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday

This recipe is from my dear friend Michele who is a haute mom, three times over! Thank you Michele for your inspirational recipe that truly is the definition of Lazy Sunday.

Cheap Chicken

1. Slap 2 pieces of chicken with skin on a plate.

2. When your husband asks if you are having anything with it, like sides, tell him to peel it and then he will have a side of skin.

Let me know how this works for all of you.


  1. I tried this and even though he didn't think it was funny...I felt SO revived and fullfilled of laughter :)

  2. Crackin' me up, Haute momma...thanks for attaching the picture of me too...I look hot in my pink swim cap! Oh, yeah, thanks for calling me a "haute" literally forced my chin up, shoulders back, and boobs out...well not out, they sort of started swinging back and forth, but at least they were alive for a moment in time. They haven't smiled since before I breast fed 3 babies!


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