Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #6 ~ Time to Make Time

Well Haute Moms, I am sliding into my third month mark where I am told things should be so much easier. We have formed somewhat of a schedule type looking routine. Breastfeeding has become second nature - and happy World Breastfeeding Week by the way. Stella has been sleeping through the night since the 4th of July with her shortest stretch being five hours and her longest being eight. We even tackled the OC Fair this week and the little angel slept the entire time. I mean, who can complain? I can, yup, you can always count on me. Having lunch with a good mommy friend yesterday, we were discussing the issue of daytime naps. Here is the deal. I have a wonderful little sleeper at night. She sleeps in her own crib and goes down with little to no problems. Why aren't I satisfied? This would all be very useful if I were nocturnal but I am not. During the day we are seeing naps less and less, and shorter and shorter. That's what is supposed to happen so I can deal. What I cannot deal with is the fact that my little munchkin's favorite place to nap is not in her crib. Nope. Uh-uh! All day long and pretty much through the evening, my little babe likes to snooze on my chest. That's right, not her crib, or her swing, or her vibrating chair, or even on a nice soft cushion on the bed, but on my chest. How can I get anything done? That whole theory of napping when the baby naps or getting things done while the baby sleeps doesn't work out this way (well actually the naps do if I find a safe and creative position). The laundry doesn't get done, the dishes are still in the sink. and the bed isn't made. Heck, I am blogging right now while she snores away on my chest. How can I transition Stella into another sleeping area so that I can have some time to do other things? It is time to get things done around the house ladies cause let's face it - the husband unit is not. I will save that for another time. I have tried letting her cry herself back to sleep in the previously mentioned places and contrary to my mom's generation of "they will cry themselves to sleep", she does not. She fusses, and cries, and then wails, and then screams. Then the tears come and that beet red face and the sweat comes on. Next thing you know the dog is pacing and child services has been called. I am just joking about child services - don't judge me. I do have a Moby that allows me to do limited chores while acting as a Sealy mattress for my child but there are things that need to get done without the chest addition. Like shower for example!! And no...I have not showered today yet thank you very much. Is there a magic slumber chair that might work? Slumber dust maybe? It is time to make the time for me to be a good wife by at least getting the basic chores done. I can't be a haute mom when the dust bunnies and growing into dust buffalos. I could open a dust petting zoo here for goodness sakes! What worked for all of you?

Nap time in the Haute Mom household:


  1. It's Erin, Heather's big sis. You are into the 3 month growth spurt. She will need to be up & nursing more over the next couple weeks, then she'll settle back down into more of a routine. Then there is the 6th month spurt where it will all change again & solids are usually introduced.

    The "kangaroo" sleeping arrangement is really positive for their growth. Studies are showing better weight gain, earlier hitting of milestones for babies who sleep skin-to-skin. SO just think...You are building her brain!!!

    I like slings...they have gotten some bad press of late, but if worn properly, they can be a lifesaver. Maya Wrap is a fave, I recommend buying the video with it. I found that I could get everything I needed accomplished and still have a baby who got his naps (especially useful with baby #2)

    One note on solids... Peds usually say it's ok to start some solids eg, rice cereal, at 4 mos. Most bf-ing advocates recommend closer to 6 mos, when they start reaching for food on their own. It is also good to hold off for allergy prevention.

  2. Sorry, no advice here. Zavier will be 2 next month and he STILL has to be touching me to fall asleep


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