Thursday, August 19, 2010

Haute Mom Thrifty Thursday

One thing that I love as a haute mom is jewelry. A blue box from Tiffany's is always welcome in my house! I was lucky enough to receive a special piece of jewelry from The Ellen Show when I went on her Mother's Day segment. The designer is called POSH Mommy and they make personalized jewlery for moms, dads, and even kids! Some of their best pieces allow you to engrave your baby's name on it and even add their birthstone! I have the Loop necklace with Stella's name, birthdate, and birthstone. I wear it everyday and it goes with everything - casual or dressy! The prices are reasonable for a quality piece of jewelry that is made of sterling silver or 14 karat gold. You can add pieces to your necklace or bracelet with each child. They even have pieces for the baby boys and dads! I think this would be an amazing gift for another mom or something wonderful to hint to your hubby about! I am definitely looking for my next POSH Mommy item at!

I have talked to someone about giving the Haute Mom followers a discount or even possibly a jewelry piece for a giveaway so be sure to be a follower of Haute Mom and a Facebook supporter of POSH Mommy! Stay tuned for more details...

Here is a picture of me on my birthday with my Loop necklace! Please do not try to count the candles...

Check out their Facebook page on which they featured a picture of me and the family! Thanks POSH Mommy!

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