Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lazy Sunday

So I'm enjoying my usual Sunday confused by what Sundays have actually become now that I am a mom. In the past, Sundays were referred to as Sunday Fundays in which we would start the morning off by drinking and spend the day drinking, ended with drinking. We would watch whatever sport happened to be playing and act like this was the whole reason for the celebration knowing full well that nobody cared about the teams or the score or anything else. Now that I am a mom, Sundays are traditionally "family days" right? You know, the day when families go on outtings and bond or whatever you are supposed to do. Sundays are supposed to be relaxing and calm where nobody is working and all the errands have been done. Lazy Sunday that ends with a nice big family meal. Stop the music! This is what I don't get. How do you end a lazy Sunday with a nice big family meal? Isn't that the opposite of a lazy Sunday when you have to shop, prep, cook, and clean?! How does this work? This revelation of the irony of lazy Sunday has lead me here. I am going to post an easy recipe that moms can cook with little to no time or prep so that they can achieve their lazy Sunday while still holding to the traditional Sunday family meal. If you have a recipe comment on this post and next Sunday I will bring you my first Lazy Sunday recipe. Hopefully each week we will all have a collection of easy meals that us haute moms can use every day, and not just on Sunday!


  1. we have a tradition of eating out every sunday evening :-) my last meal NOT to cook for the well for us! we eat out early, beat the crowds, and come home for an early bedtime and or relax! that's my idea of lazy sunday meals!

  2. Yes! Eat out! LOL
    We also do leftovers, Dad's day to cook, spaghetti (easy-peasy), pizza (especially perfect during football season for the Sunday night game!) or Crock Pot (365 Ways to Crock is a good cookbook).

    As for cleaning...try tackling 1 room/area a day. A great thing is if you can get a cleaning person to come in & do One BIG Clean. Then just work on the upkeep. (It is a perfect Mother's Day gift...hint hint. That way your house gets cleaned top-to-bottom once per year. Even nicer if they send you to the Spa while it's being done!)


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