Monday, August 23, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #8 ~ Financing Baby

Money always seems to ba a sore issue among couples. In fact, it is one of the main things that couples fight about. I know at my house, money always seems to be an issue. I love the lifestyle that I have with dining out 6-7 nights a week, going to concerts, and shopping but becoming a mom has not been so haute on my Gucci wallet. There are so many endless things to buy and I am not just talking about the daily items like diapers. Stella is three months old and I spent over $200 at Babies R Us yesterday purchasing clothes that she will grow out of in a month along with other things. It seems every time she hits a growth spurt or monthly birthday there is something else that I think she needs! Not having time to cook means the dining out bill is really growing and now I am starting to go back to work and have nanny costs to save for. Unlike many of my friends, I do not have family close by that I can leave Stella with so except for a few close friends, when Sean and I want a night on the town, we will have to pay sitter fees as well. I know there are many great discount sites out there from which us moms can purchase fun items for baby at a discount. There are also many things that can be done to lower costs, such as making your own baby food instead of buying jar. What else is there? I know you saavy moms out there have learned lots of great things so please share the sites. the tricks of the trades, etc. with me! I have a daughter so I already need to start saving for her wedding!

On a brighter note. I mentioned POSHmommy in one of my last blogs and they have generously given all of you followers a 10% off code so that you can purchase your own POSHmommy jewelry or gifts for other haute moms! Let me know what you buy!
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  1. I just purchased "Baby Bargains" and just started to read it. It is worth the $ on amazon to get the savings later. it is about baby items, so some of it you probably already have. the beginning is on amazon to browse.. check out the table of contents and see if it has more of what you need

  2. I use cloth diapers and make my own baby wipes. It's better for my wallet, my baby, and the environment.

  3. I love Posh Mommy Jewelry. I went to froogle and typed in Posh Mommy and found a bunch of sites that sell it. I bought a Loop necklace from and I can't wait to get it!


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