Friday, August 13, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #7 ~ Finding My Way

Three months ago today my life changed forever. All of the advice and research I have done could not have prepared me for the adventure I was about to embark on. Long gone are the days of being a 30-something married person without children. Here are the days of diapers, coupons, and "who is gonna watch the baby?" Although I love my daughter more than anything in the world, I cannot say this has been easy. I am now questionning all those new moms who are bright-eyed in their skinny jeans who claim being a new mom is all roses. No it isn't - they cheated and hired a nanny. The past months have been like flipping through a deck of cards and never knowing what was going to come up. Along with being a new mom I have dealt with a thyroid cancer scare and the death of a brother-in-law. The worst part of this is that so many of my so called "friends" don't even know because I have lost them as part of the casualties of motherhood. Some of them don't bother to call because they assume I can't go out, they are too wrapped up in their own lives, or they simply don't like my little new party of Kelley plus 1/2. I have some friends that haven't even bothered to ask about Stella in weeks. On the brighter side, I have found out who my true friends are, some I never would have guessed. I have two amazing friends who "don't like kids" that have been with me every step of the way and embraced my baby girl as if she were their own - thank you Heather and Sheila. I have a wonderful new group of fellow mom friends who have been amazing and supportive, more so than I could have dreamed of - thank you Emily, Joanna, and Alyssa. I have the usual support group who just check in on me regularly to see how things are going - thank you Robin, Rikayah, and Hollie. I recently had one friend from college offer her nanny to me so that I can get a break to deal with this problem I have been having lately called the baby blues-thank you Masy. I was blown away! Lastly, Stella has brought me closer to my family and my husband who do their best to make sure I have some "old me" time. My husband just sent my girlfriend and I to a Styx concert! Oh yeah! I am finally starting to feel like this new road is somewhat familiar although there are always bump that happen along the way. The true amazing thing is that this perfect little being has so much power inside of her to help an adult like me see true friends, bring family together and realize what things really matter in life.

Happy three month birthday Stella! I love you!

My bff (a.k.a Love Bug) and I at Styx - thanks to my husband


  1. This post made me tear up! You are doing such an amazing job navigating your way through this mommy thing! I'm so glad that we get to do it together :) Yay for new mommy friends! xoxo!

  2. love this, love Stella, and love you!

  3. Aaawww honey, sometimes being a new mom is very tough. As it is rewarding too. Some things become easier as some things become more difficult, but it is always new...And at the end of the day it is an accomplishment. Something to be proud of. I do remember feeling the same as you do, but you are right we do get wrapped up in our own lives. Dealing with whatever is presented to us at that moment (for me it is always work). However I also feel a good friendship is when you can pick up right where you left off without missing a beat. :) But I will try and make a better effort because I do value friendship, and of course I love kids.

    This is my first time navigating here. I am soooo not computer savvy...I am not sure if I will ever find my way back!

    Aunty Casey

  4. it's so fun being your mommy friend! ...and fun seeing you as a new mommy! it's obvious how much you adore your little stella, and that you know what an amazing gift she is...and it's also totally OK to feel freaked out and frustrated sometimes! i'm right up the street if you ever need anything...and i know you'll be there for me too as i start to face some toddler blues! xoxo


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