Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haute Mom Thrifty Thursday

I have noticed one significant shift since becoming a mommy and that is my shopping habit. I used to search stores and the internet for Gucci bags, Christian Laboutins, and Hudson jeans. Now my pocketbook itches when I see a Babies R Us coupon or a sale at Carter's. My husband just reminded me how I wished for a boy but seem to have fully recovered through retail therapy and dressing my baby girl. I assured him the clothes shopping thing would have happened regardless. One of my favorite things to buy for Stella are Sassy toys. They are fun and bright and are made for age and development. Each toy is geared towards working on an aspect of development for your baby such as touch, exploration, vision, and so on. I have recently found a great website to buy these toys on at a discounted price which brings me to Thrifty Thursday. The website is Kids Surplus and has clothing, shoes, toys, books, you name it! The Sassy toys I like can be found anywhere from 30-60% and so can many other things! Enjoy Haute Moms!

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  1. thanks for the tip! happy shopping! my husband often asks with regards to the baby shopping, "when will it end?" i don't think ever... :)


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