Thursday, August 5, 2010

Haute Mom Thrifty Thursday!

Hey all haute moms! In celebration of Worldwide Breastfeeding Week, Udder Covers is giving away a free breastfeeding cover! Simply enter the code "Breastfeeding" at checkout. All you have to pay is shipping! These haute covers allow you to discretely breastfeed in public and are made in great haute fabrics! I already have one but ordered another; I mean what haute mom doesn't need more than one accessory for her many nursing excursions? Not breastfeeding or past that stage? Get one to give as a gift or to use with your next little one! Enjoy!

This is the one I ordered!


  1. yay! thanks for the tip! i just ordered the "maria" :) i'd been wanting another cover, but couldn't bring myself to pay $30!

    btw, a haute mom topic...what to do when mommy is sick and daddy is working. can't be a haute mom when we're sick :(

  2. I sure wish i knew what i was having! I want the purple I ordered the same one you did yesterday


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