Friday, July 30, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #5 ~ Making an Appearance

Living in beautiful Southern California there are tons of things to do. We have Disneyland, the beach, Knott's Berry farm, baseball games, basketball games, shopping, clubs, great restaurants, amazing malls, you name it! As a haute gal it is my job to make appearances at these various places on a regular basis. Obviously, being a social butterfly is what makes you haute in the first place. I was that gal, always had weekends booked up with people asking me to put dates on my calendar months in advance. Aaaah...the life. And then, 11 weeks ago, that life came to a screeching halt. Yes, that's right, my beautiful little Stella was born and the invites slowed like a bug in tree sap. What don't people (and by people I mean those without children) get? Just because you have a baby doesn't mean you stop craving social interaction. If anything, you want it more! At least I did...and still do! Very few of my friends have embraced the fact that I have a child and continue to invite me (or me and my family ) out. I understand that not all things are suited for a baby, but why can't they let me be the judge of that? Speaking of being suited for a baby, what types of places are suited for babies? I see some of my friends with newborns heading to airports, the beach, Sea World and the likes. Can my delicate little cargo handle all of these places or will her eyes pop out of her head like they did on the 4th of July when we took her to...nevermind. Anyway, this social butterfly wants to dust her wings off and get back out there with my new addition! How do I do this? I am finally grasping the energy it takes to get Stella and her "things" packed and out the door. One of the best things I have found so far is a car seat cover that attaches to the seat handle to keep the sun out. Rags to Stitches Boutique makes great ones in haute patterns! Check out their stuff by clicking on the link below! Now once the car is packed, wherecan we go? Can I take her to Disneyland? What about the Fair that happens to be in townHow will she do at the beach or in the heat? Can I take her on a boat? How about a kayak?When is hot too hot and sunny too sunny? I do know I can't put sunscreen on her until she is 6 months so what do I do before then? What carrier is the best? I have a Moby and Baby Bjorn and am considering getting an Ergo for the sun shade. I know, mommies who buy too much will be coming soon. ARGH! Do you see this whirlwind I am in with all these scared, first time mommy questions? We have taken her to a couple baseball games and to a Concert in the Park. I must admit, I did check her hearing when we got home to make sure there was no permanent damage. What are some things I can do to keep her safe but still be able to go out and enjoy some of these great places? I want to go to the movies, to concerts, and to the beach. What do I need to know? Where do other people go out with their new babes? Help this haute mom get out of her hot house and into some fun!

Rags to Stitches Boutique

San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game


  1. i'm sure a lot of the things you're not getting invited to involve bars, drinking, and late nights! totally not conducive to baby life!

    but you're right, you should still be invited so that you get to make the decision. the decision shouldn't be taken away from you just because they assume you can't go.

  2. My sister Heather has been getting on my case to post on your blog so here goes. Personally, I would put the Baby Bjorn for sale on eBay and get an Ergo carrier ASAP! The Bjorn SUCKS in comparison to the Ergo. My son is 12 months old and 20 pounds and I can still comfortably carry him in the Ergo. I couldn't carry my pipsqueak of a daughter in the Bjorn after she was 12 pounds because my back would ache so terribly. The only advantage of the Bjorn is that the baby can face outside but my son doesn't seem to mind nuzzling his head against my chest when in the Ergo.
    We did take the kids to Disneyland when Damon was 5 months old but it really was only because Cosette was itching to go (at 3 1/2, little girls are just begging to meet a princess in the flesh). But we brought my mom with us and it was no fun nursing him on a bench while tucked under a cover while trying to catch a glimpse of Cosette waving to me from a flying Dumbo. So I'd save Disneyland for when little Stella can actually ask you to take her there.

  3. I agree with Noelle, I would save amusement parks for a later date, (when Stella is old enough to enjoy it). We won't be taking Z until he around 5 years old.

    However the fair/carnival sound appropriate.

    As far as concerts unless you are seated in front of a speaker she should be fine with the noise.

    She should be okay at the beach also, (as long as it's not 90+ degrees outside). Since you're not supposed to use sunscreen until 6 months, get her a sun hat & an umbrella so you guys can relax in the sand. Just nurse he often so that she stays hydrated

    Taking her to the movies now is perfect because she will likely be quiet and you can enjoy the movie, (I would NOT take Z to a movie now unless it was a movie for kids), and it'll be dark so if you have to nurse no one will notice.

    I only had a baby Bjorn and didn't have any problems until Z was almost 1, (because he was very heavy). I can only speak for myself but I don't want a 1 -year old strapped to my body. But you should use whatever carrier is more comfortable for your back.

    As far as your friends who don't have kids...there really isn't anything you can do about that. They have no idea what it's like to be a mom and they just assume you aren't available for social functions. As Stella gets older you will acquire new friends that are moms and you will have more options for social activities

  4. And the 3rd "Heenan" needs to chime in. Noelle gives good advice. 2nd babies do many things just because an older sibling needs to. No sense in exposing Stella to germs, crowds, etc before she needs to be there. Bars in CA can be ok because of no-smoking laws. Kepp baby away from all that nasty smoke!!! I like the restaurant/bar thing better. Doing a TGIF night with the girls can be fun & not too disruptive (esp mid-week).

    But I think a big part of what is going on here is that ...and don't get me wrong...but... You need new friends. OUCH! There, I said it. Don't throw out the old ones!! (I know Heather!!!) But there is something to be said about hanging with people who are in the same "mode" as you. Mom's Club, La Leche League, etc. are all great places to meet people who are where you are. People who can help you navigate & soon people whom you can pass along your wisdom.

    Think of Stella as the best social director you will ever have. Because soon, most of what you do will be centered around her, her needs & her interests. YOu might as well start forming those relationships now...they come in handy!

    Even better when you can go out as adults & maybe share a sitter. Or have dinner parties where kids play and Moms & Dads just enjoy an evening of adult convo. It will all happen... more quickly than you ever imagined!


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