Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moving...Never As Easy As It Looks

Yesterday was moving day.  After much time and consideration, hubby and I decided to leave our happy home and venture out into the world of renting and moving.  The home we own and lived in is much loved and in a fantastic neighborhood but it is 900 square feet.  Total.  No, you did not read that wrong.  We had five rooms.  Total.  I always liked to think of it as "easy to clean" but throw a baby into the mix and nothing is easy about living in a 900 square foot home.  Therefore, we decided to rent out our home and rent a larger one for our new family.

I like to think that a haute mom never lets anyone see her sweat but this was far from true yesterday. Moving with a little one is tough enough but imagine getting to your new home to find it filthy. Dirt on the floors, cobwebs in the windows, screens with holes...you name it. I couldn't even let Stella down for fear that she was going to touch something. The house was supposed to be "move in ready" and it was far from it. So, in addition to all us, Stella, my mom (a saint for flying down to help us), the movers, and utility workers, we also had a painter, maintenance crews, and a cleaning crew here. All things that were supposed to be done BEFORE we got there. We rented the place a month ago! At 11 pm last night, not one box had been unpacked and not one piece of furniture had been put together.

As I sit in my new home and look around me all I can say "Yikes!". It's always more complicated than it should be but it's a new day and I have to hope that it will feel like home. Hopefully sooner than later!
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