Saturday, August 20, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #51 ~ The Case of the Red Bottom

Stella has always been a relatively easy child with little to no problems (knock on wood).  Any issue she had turned up to be a common one that was simply one of the many marks of whatever age she was at.  This is good for me since, by nature, I am a hypochondriac, and worry about every little thing that ails me.  Now that I am a mommy and Stella is too young to be a hypochondriac, I have taken on this burden for her as well.

One strange thing has started to pop up over the last month or so.  Although her potty habits have been consistent and beans seem to be the only thing that changes that (good ol' fiber), we have had some issues with diaper rash.  I think I am speaking very midly by saying "some issues".  I think I need to go ahead and change that to "horrendous problems".  Stella has broken into the WORST diaper rashes I have ever seen just in the last month or so. The poor little girl will be in a diaper for no longer than five or ten minutes (and I know because they stink - thank you adult food) and her bum will be bright red, often accompanied by raised marks and blisters.  To make things worse, I can tell how painful they are.  The other day she had one so bad that she screamed as she peed (her diaper was off so I watched the whole thing), cringed in the bathtub, and cried while moaning "all done" (the signal for no more) when I was trying to wipe her dry and put some cream on her.

The only good news is that they clear up within 24-36 hours.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out what is triggering these rashes.  She will have big dirty diapers that she sits in for longer than 10 minutes with no problem and then out of nowhere - she will have one!  Is it something she is eating?  We haven't changed diaper brands, detergent, creams, soaps or anything else.  She is trying new foods but for the most part, we are creatures of habit and she definitely doesn't eat anything extreme.  So, for now I am trying to work on the best relief for when they do come around and lathering her behind with Desitin on a regular basis to try to prevent one from happening again.  Until then, I will pull out my Sherlock Holmes home detective kit and try to stay on the case!


  1. If she has teeth coming in that could be the problem. My understanding is that the body secrets more acid than normal & it comes out in the BM. Poor little ones skin is so sensitive, they can't handle it

  2. I had the same problem with my daughter 14mths old. I couldn't understand it. I kept her clean. Let her "air out" tried cloth diapers...nothing worked. She would break out, I would go on a mission to get her well... And within 3 days she would be broke out in blisters. It was horrible :( I would cry with her while changing her. After a month of going thru this I had enough. I took her to the pediatrician and they said it was a yeast diaper rash. And that they need antibiotics to clear. They wrote her a nystatin cream prescription and an anti cortisone cream... Told me to squirt them both on my finger and blend them and put it on her. I was skeptical, bit in 3days it was gone... Within a week there was so no sign it had ever been there... That was two months ago and thank god... She's been fine ever since. Also, they said to prevent this from happening again make sure to dry her after wiping... Either with a fan, a hairdryer on cool, or my favorite simply fanning the diaper in front of her bottom before putting it on... And apply beaudroux buttpaste as needed... It is the only diaper rash cream that is anti-fungal so it also helps prevent it. I hope this helps. My heart goes out to little Stella. Please comment back and let us know if it works out! :0)


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