Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #52 ~ Surrounded By Sass

Having taught middle school for so long, I knew that all kids get to an age where they want to do their own thing. They get an attitude, think they know more than you, don't follow instructions, and give you looks that make you want to wring their little necks (lovingly, of course). Little did I know that time would arrive at 15 months.

I have written posts in the past about sassy Stella but I knew nothing back then. I have been introduced to the full fledged sassiness of what I am assuming is meant by "the terrible twos". Seeing other kids like this have only provoked sympathy and a quick prayer that my sweet little girl would never be like that. The time has come; someone has taken my Stella and replaced her with a new, hard headed little diva. I've got a temper tantrum, shreiking, head shaking little girl running around the house like she owns the place. How long will this phase last? One of my fellow haute moms replied the other night of her 18 month old, "It's still lasting". I better stalk up on the vino.

I think this is her "talk to the hand" move.

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