Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Judge Me - I'm at the Park

In attempt to enjoy one of my last days home with Stella before returning to work, I decided to take her for a nice walk down to a local park.  Because the walk is a good 20 minutes, I tucked my hair under a baseball cap, skipped the makeup, pulled on my yoga pants, and threw on a tank top.  By the time I reached the park, I was hot and sweaty ( apparently hot coffee while attempting to speed walk does wonders for the body temperature).  I got Stella out of the stroller and we headed for one part of the playground (this one has three parts, for various aged children).  Stella and I were minding our own business, when I had a feeling that someone was staring at me.  I turned around to find not only one mom staring at me, but a group of four moms staring my way.  At first I thought maybe they were checking out Stella (because she was looking incredibly darling), but no, they were looking at me.  I did a quick pat down to be sure that nothing inappropriate was hanging out and was assured that I was good to go.  I turned back around to see them all turn into a huddle and whisper.

So what's the deal ladies?  It was obvious that they were friends who were having a play date with their children at the park which was wonderful.  I don't know how often they go there but I do know that they decided to have a conversation at my expense.  I must admit, I probably look like I had just come back from the gym and had nothing on these well dressed, polished manicured, young moms, but really?  I am at the stinkin' park with my daughter on a Monday.  If this was park fashion week then I guess I didn't get the memo.  It really irritates me when people are petty and judgemental.  I have walked away from many friendships in the past year or so because of that.  I personally would rather spend my energy on Stella than on some stranger that I don't know.  Has anyone else noticed that sometimes "mommy groups" are harder to break through than college sorority sisters?  Note to caddy moms - you are at the park to be with your CHILDREN, not to harass other mommies.  Play nice please, we are at the park.

The REAL reason we go to the park.


  1. Nope...I swear I totally can relate. I actually posted about something similar on my blog. I avoid the play groups in my area for the same exact thing...I live in a very chi chi part of town and I have to deal with kind of thing on a daily basis. The reason I live here is because I love the area and there is allot to do with kids - the con part nasty ass mommy's group. I feel like we are in HS grow up. I have actually formed my own play group of fun, real mommy's and we have a blast. Don't let them get to you totally not worth it. You are there for your beautiful daughter Stella. Not some really bored housewives!

  2. Wow, I have never experienced that.
    And you are so much better than I am because I might've said something to them.
    Really who has time to worry about other moms at the park (I'm too busy watching Z play).
    And Kudos to you for walking for 20 min to get to the park!!!!!

  3. Lol you know sis they may be well groomed but that just proves they are most likely insecure. And seeing you....someone who is obviously secure enough to go out without having to spend hours getting ready to look hot for the park probably made them feel like a bunch of douchebags....which they will never realize because they obviously haven't grown up. When people feel inferior to someone else they talk shit about that person to make themselves feels better.....when in actuality they wish they could be as put together as you.

  4. I have to agree with Amymarisa. It wouldn't matter what you looked like, what you were wearing or weren't wearing, whether or not your hair was under a ball cap or perfectly coiffed, they would still talk about you. Unfortunately woman are like that when they feel inferior. By going to the park as you did, without getting all "dolled" up, you showed them that you are comfortable how you are, with who you are. Other women that lack confidence don't like that! lol Not that it's right, it's just the truth!


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