Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving Plus Five Pounds

As Moving Watch 2011 comes to a close a realization crept over me last night as I was getting dressed for a night out on the town with some girlfriends. All those jeans and cute tops that I spent days unpacking over the last couple of weeks were not looking as flattering on me as they used to.  It wasn't because of the post-baby weight because I had lost that months ago.  Could it be?  As I sucked in my stomach to button up my jeans, I realized yes, it had happened. In all this craziness, both my diet and my workout routine had slipped and I had gained weight.  Not a lot, but just enough to bring that pudgy, muffin top back to my waistline. 

So my newest issue aside from still spending all of my spare time trying to turn this house into a "home" is trying to find the time and the energy to get back to my running routine.  Yesterday I literally had to FORCE myself to go out for a quick run before Stella's morning swim lessons.  I feel tired and unmotivated.  On top of that, I haven't gotten one single thing done outside of cleaning and unpacking because the move has totally consumed by life, and most of my three week vacation.  Ugh...where can a haute mom find some motivation?  You would think those extra inches of blubber creeping over my pants right now would be enough.  Perhaps I should go think about it over an ice cream sandwich.


  1. I was miserable today at how I looked ... while I enjoyed some ben & jerry's. Terrible. I know. I get it - I really do!

  2. I have the same problem. I realized that the only way I'm really going to lose weight is if I find something that truly motivates me. Like when I got married, I knew I didn't want to walk down the aisle fat. So I worked out twice a day, every day and ate very little. THAT was true motivation. Maybe we can think of something that will now. Maybe buy a really expensive outfit that's too small and make yourself try to fit in it. =)

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  3. The more I stress about my weight, the more I eat :) When I don't worry so much, I lose weight and eat sensibly :)

    Visiting from Mom Blog Monday bloghop!

    The Twerp and I


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