Saturday, August 6, 2011

It May Be a New Look For Me

We moved? I hadn't noticed...
Tired, wrinkled, and dirty describes my look this past week.  After moving on Monday, and all the craziness, the cleaning and the unpacking is finally well underway...and I've gone curly all week because I still can't find my hair straightener. A lot of headway was made Wednesday and Thursday when Stella was at daycare. She has been such a trooper through the whole process; she hasn't missed a beat. However, it sure is tough to unpack when you got a little "helper" packing it all into another box at the same time. The good news is, Stella's room is all ready! Our new place is slowly coming together. 

I notice how I didn't use the word "home". I am still catching myself referring to our old house as "home" and haven't quite gotten the feeling that I am at home in our new place.  It's funny how there is so little connection when you move and all your memories are left behind in your old home.  I am sure it will take some time before we can call this house our home. I have been trying to put our own touch on the place.  I am convinced that our old decorating style doesn't quite fit this new house so I have been looking for decorating ideas and inspiration.  A haute mom has gotta have a haute home to go with her but I am having a hard time with ideas.  I have had some input on websites to browse but haven't found any that I love yet.  Perhaps I should just focus on unpacking the boxes for now...

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  1. I totally know what you are going through, as we just moved a month ago!! I had to cleaned our new house so hard (the kitchen was pretty dirty) that my elbow STILL hurts!! lol

    We are just starting to call our new house "home" but it took awhile... give it a couple more weeks and you will be able to relax and enjoy your new place :-) Congrats & good luck!!


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