Sunday, October 17, 2010

UNlazy Sunday

Keeping with my theme of lazy Sunday, I had the very opposite of that today. This morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn, well, before that, and went and participated in the 20th CHOC Walk in the Park. Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)is dedicated to the care, services, education and research of children's medical needs. They have a state-of-the-art facility and provide compassion and top notch health care to children and their families regardless of the family's ability to pay.

Apparently, Stella isn't a morning person.

CHOC has a long standing relationship with Disneyland (Walt Disney himself was on the original board of directors) which is where the walk took place. So this morning, Stella, the hubby, myself, and thousands of others took to the streets of Disneyland in a 5K effort to raise money. I was part of the Babes in Disneyland team lead by my fellow blogger Lisa Robertson and had a number of great family and friends donate. A big thanks to them!

Stella was very excited once she woke up ~ her first time at Disneyland!

Participating in the walk lead me to heavy thoughts about how lucky we are to have our health and have the health of our families. There were many children this morning wearing shirts that bragged about the number of years they had been cancer free. I saw families with signs dedicated to children lost. I couldn't help but feel choked up as I looked at Stella and thanked God for her health. Sometimes, I know I get so wrapped up in things that I forget to stop, look, and be thankful for what I have in my life. Events such as this one seem to always be there at the right time to force me to stop and smell the roses.

On the eve of this UNlazy Sunday, as we feel the anxiety of the hectic week coming on, don't forget to stop for a second and look around. Give your little ones a kiss on their sweet, sticky cheeks, and even your spouse. I figure, maybe I don't have so much to complain about...even though I am sure I will find something by tomorrow.

More pictures from the CHOC walk in the Park


  1. It was great seeing you today. Stella is so cute! Let's get together soon. I need to talk you into getting a Disneyland annual pass!

  2. Good for you! You are spot on with this post.It is so easy to forget the BIG things we should give thanks for!
    On a lighter note, just got back from Disney, it is fun to see your pictures!

  3. That is terrific that you did this!

  4. Great for you!!

    Jealous of Disney.

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  5. What a great cause! and how fun to be able to walk Disneyland like that!!

    thanks for swinging by my blog. I'm excited to follow your adventures now.

    The Survival Mama

  6. What a great thing to do!! And what a great place to do it in! Love the pictures!

    First time visitor from Tag Tuesday!

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