Thursday, October 7, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #16 ~ Enough Mom to Go Around

As I sit here, waiting for my hubby to get home, I take a look around at how my life has changed since my first baby arrived. There are now swings and toys on the floor, flip flops rest where my Christian Laboutins used to, and sweat pants have replaced my skinny Taverniti jeans. A realization comes over me as I look over to who is sleeping next to me on the couch and that realization is that I had a child before Stella arrived. My first child is one that is sweet, timid, loyal, and an all around lover. My first child is needy, clingy, sensitive, and a mama's girl. My first child's name is Sierra, and she is our dog.

We got Sierra out of the pound over five years ago. We adopted her because my husband and I were at that point in our relationship where we were ready to be parents, but not quite that ready. The day we brought her home, we realized what a time commitment having a new dog would be. Soon we found out just how sweet our little baby was and relished in the joy of her greeting us when we got home from work or pouncing on us as though she hadn't seen us in years. I quickly changed my rule of "no dogs in our bed" when I realized how much she loved to snuggle...with me. In fact, we had to upgrade to a king size bed to fit our newest family member. I became so tied to Sierra I would cry when we went out of town. We went everywhere together - she was attached to my hip. I wondered if I could love anything more.

Well, I found out the answer to that this past May. Sierra was a practice period for what we have now. I look at Sierra, asleep on the couch next to me and feel a pang of guilt in my heart. Our poor dog has had to move over for something new. Sierra loyally follows me around the house, helps me change diapers, looks longingly at me when I snuggle with Stella. Every night she waits patiently on my side of the bed and snuggles in no matter what time it may be. She is such a good big sister; she took her older sibling protective role early in my pregnancy. She even knew the day the baby was coming; she perched on my big belly the evening my contractions began. I feel so bad knowing that she is probably starved for attention. I told my hubby the other day that we needed to get a babysitter and take Sierra out for some alone time. Just like we would an older sibling.

Isn't it amazing how your life and your priorities change? You start with these loving, loyal pets that quickly get swept to the side when the kids come. There is truly nothing more loyal than a family pet and I have to remember to try everyday to give Sierra some love and attention. We have been so that fortunate there have been no issues with Stella. Sierra is sweet, loving, and protective with her. I just need to remember that with all the craziness in our house, there is still one more person that needs a little love. I know there is enough of me to go around. And enough of you too. Go give your pets some lovin'.
Hours before my contractions!


  1. oh, sweet sierra and stella :) those are great pics!

  2. Sierra is such a sweetie! and these are great pics for Stella to have when she grows up, of her "first pet".
    our dog was older than me, and i treasured her greatly!

  3. Oh what a precious picture...and a good dog!

    Following you back, nice to meet ya :-)

  4. Ohhhh Kelly, it's beautiful! I LOVE your Blog makeover! Well, you are on your way now! Hug Stella for me and keep blogging!
    Much Love,
    Living Out Loud

  5. They are both soooo cute. Stopping by from Mom Loop. I am now following.

  6. What a cute smiling baby.

    And I LUV dogs.

    I became a follower today! We'll get your numbers up there.


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  8. I totally feel the same way! It is crazy how much things change when you have a baby!

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  10. What a sweet, sweet dog. You are very lucky to have her.

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  11. Great post! So sweet. Our poor dog is way down in the pecking order and I used to carry him around like a baby. Three kids later, he has to remind us to feed him.

  12. Aww your dog and baby are so cute!

    Just found you on one of the Saturday blog hops! Have a great evening.

    Amanda @

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  14. dogs really are like just have to love them^.^

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  15. How sweet!

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  16. hi following you back! these are such cute pics. I love how the dog is with your baby in all of them. thats sweet.


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