Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haute Halloween

Halloween has always been up there on my list of fabulous holidays. There is nothing like dressing up in costume and getting some candy as a reward. As the years went by, the Halloween parties got more fun and my costumes got a little sluttier. That's right. I didn't work out for nothing. When my hubby and I got married, we really got into the holiday and started decorating the house. Not decorating with paper cut-outs like the ones you used to tape on the inside of your window but decorations like nobody's business! Dead bodies, a graveyard, spiders, bones, lights, fog machine, you name it. People actually drive by our house and take pictures. We also got into the whole couples costume thing and always went all out for our seasonal Halloween parties. Last year we went as Ghostbusters and I was 10 weeks pregnant (and the designated driver).

Well, as you can imagine this year will be a little different and this Haute Mom is not only OK with this, excited as well! We have decided to bypass the Halloween parties (1. Babysitting is not cheap and 2. Our main babysitter is not available all weekend.) Stella is going to be a little ladybug and we are going to a baby party where the little ones will dress up and the haute moms will drink wine (thanks Stone family)!

I am a little confused at this Halloween etiquette now that I am a mom. I need to stay haute and don't want to commit any "Do Not's" on my first Halloween. First, can I take Stella trick-or-treating and eat her candy? Or does she need to be able to say "Trick or Treat" all by herself? Also, what's up with the pumpkin patch? We took Stella to get her first pumpkin and I had to stop and wonder if I had stumbled upon a carnival of some sort. Since when are there tickets, and games, and rides, and bouncy houses? What happened to the good ol' pumpkin patch? You know, the empty lot filled with straw or dirt and rows of pumpkins? And were pumpkins always that expensive?! If so, sorry mom! I mean the ones at the grocery store are so much cheaper but obviously, this haute mom will not get her daughter's first pumkin at the grocery store. Maybe next year...which is also when I plan on learning to sew so I can make costumes. No, that was not a joke. Anyone know what the easiest costume to make is? I may need to start on it now.
Stella with her first pumpkin ~ she found it right away and wouldn't let go of it!

I hope all of you and your families and a safe and terrific Halloween!


  1. super cute! i also wonder about those pumpkin carnivals...where is the hay and rows of pumpkins? over there behind the ferris wheel? no thanks!
    i think the baby party at Brooke's will be perfect...such a good idea!

    as for Stella trick-or-treating, of course it's ok! just take her to a couple houses on your corner, or like a couple shops on 2nd St or something. you can show her off, still get a few pieces of candy, and be in the spirit.

    i'd also suggest a UNICEF box if you stay in your neighborhood. throw a few coins in there, and Stella will love shaking it like a musical instrument. people will love it, too. watch this:

    can't wait for pictures!!!

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  4. Ahhh, so your that "that" family that goes all extreme for halloween!! LOL, i always admire those that bring the holiday spirit to the neighborhood! Thanks on behalf of you neighbors!!

    Stella is adorable, I just recently took my 1y/o to the pumpkin patch and she had a blast:

    (bloggymom reader)

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