Monday, October 4, 2010

Lazy Sunday...well Monday

There is nothing that makes you lazy on a Sunday more than rainy weather and champagne drinking the night before. I have an excuse for not posting my Lazy Sunday yesterday...I really do. It started off the night before (they always do, don't they) when I headed out for my good friend's birthday. We had a babysitter in place and were all set to go. Fast forward to 1:30 a.m. The hubby and I are home after a fun night with friends and me ending the evening with drinking more than enough champagne out of a wine glass (there was no more wine, what do you want from me?) Stella is snug as a bug in her crib and I am looking forward to some buzzed slumbering. At 4 a.m. I awaken to a putrid stench that turns out to be our dog, Sierra, who decided to chase a skunk when she went out to do her bathroom duties; my husband is gagging in the hallway. Bath, more bath, stink, gag, bath, and I am sleeping in the baby's room because that is the only room close to smelling normal. Stella woke up nice and early that morning at 7 a.m., sweet.

On to more important things. This Lazy Sunday is not about food but rather something that has made it super easy for me to change Stella's diapers. Zootie Patootie Leg Warmers. Stella practically lives in onesie's because they are the easiest thing for me to keep her in, when changing 10 diapers a day. She's at the age now where she loves to kick her feet and suck on her toes, especially when being changed. My hubby has given up putting pants on her so I often find her in diapers when he watches her because it is too hard for him to get her pants back on (men!) Well now that the weather is changing, we must keep those little, chubby thighs warm and these are the perfect solution! I bought these on sale and got five pairs of the most precious designs. I dress Stella in her onesie and pull the leg warmers on; she stays warm and I don't have to struggle with the diaper changing. Genius! Works really well on a lazy Sunday when you are nursing the ol' champagne headache.

Stella Rockin' the Zootie Patooties

They are one size fits all, so she can wear them for awhile and I forsee them being great for potty training. They are affordable! Boys and girls alike, they have super cute prints. Check out the Zootie Patootie website!


  1. My friend Kay loved these for her daughter too! she swore they were the best invention for diaper changing too. She also loved them here in the bay area where layers are key. the leg warmers were so easy to pull off when the weather warmed up. She really liked the ones she could get in Target.

  2. Hi Coming from Bloggy Moms...
    Those are too stinking cute! I wish I had a pair for my son when he was a wee one and he liked to play change table acrobatics...not pretty.
    She's a cutie!!

  3. omg i want those pink leg warmers!!! i wonder if they have regular green camo...?

  4. Those are adorable! How big do they go?? I have a almost 6 year old - I am guessing they wouldn't fit her.

    Thanks for sharing them!

  5. i love those!! I have some for my daughter. they are the best thing ever. She's adorable too

  6. Stella is sooo cute!

  7. Hi ! Coming from Bloggy Moms. Your daughter is adorable and I love her name.

  8. Hi Kelley ~

    Thanks for following my blog -! I am following yours as well!

    Your daughter is adorable!

  9. What a precious little girl. Following from bloggy moms.


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    They just added a bunch of baby stuff for reviews and giveaways for your blog.

    You and Stella would enjoy all the wonderful products they will send you.

    I see you've been busy! Looks great!
    Kathy (Living Out Loud)

  11. voted for you today!

  12. Thanks for following I just grabbed your link and you are now in the Penthouse. if you want a feature on my blog just sign up and follow VIP's. : )

  13. How cute!!! Love the photos! Following you from Bloggy Moms. Love the blog! :-)



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