Monday, March 14, 2011

Reaching Those Milestones

One of the things that I always notice with parents is that they gauge their child’s success and accomplishments by comparing them to others. I have a book that I bought before Stella was born that lists things she should be doing, may be doing, and could possibly be able to do (I guess those mean your child ROCKS if s/he can do them). When I hear other parents talking about “how advanced” their children are, I always have to be careful not to roll my eyes because we all know that children progress at different rates. At the same time, I find myself reading my book every month to see if Stella is doing, may be doing, and is possibly ROCKING at some of her “milestones”. So, just like many, I am guilty of using these milestones and others babies’ accomplishments to try to gauge if Stella is right where she should be.

I have to share something that Stella has started doing that is not part of any of the “milestones” that I have seen. I am in no way saying she is advanced but I was so surprised to see her doing this particular thing. Not just surprised, but completely and totally in love with my baby girl and her sweetness. Stella has this stuffed tiger that her uncle and grandfather brought from a trip to Thailand. When she first got it, it was almost as big as her but the tiger has always brought a smile to her face. Lately, she has actually been showing the tiger love and affection by hugging it, kissing it, and, get this, patting it on its back much like I do when I am trying to soothe Stella. My heart just fills with warmth that somewhere along the way, she has learned to show love and affection. I am sorry, but that beats all the milestones put together. And then she tosses the tiger to the side like garbage…ah, that’s my girl.
She also shows affection with this Steeler's coaster. She doesn't get that from me.


  1. When Emma started taking her baby doll and would pretend to feed her then pat her back as to burp her. We don't have a baby around so not sure where she got this maybe daycare? It's funny how they pick up on these things. LOL that pick is so cute your daughters a huge steelers fan huh?
    P.s- I have a giveaway for a cute hair accessory if you want to check it out for Stella :)

  2. I have to remind myself to take milestones with a grain of salt...sometimes I get paranoid if my little one isn't doing something right away. Like you said, all kids develop differently!

  3. That's so cute! She looks just like you in this pic, BTW ;)


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