Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Walk from California to Maine - A Few Written Words

I have been sharing Arthur's story over the past few weeks; a 19 year old who has recently lost his only living parent to breast cancer. To raise awareness and funds for the disease that unexpectedly took his mother, Arthur is continuing to prepare for his walk from California to Maine. Along with being a talented photographer, Arthur also enjoys writing and participates in a groups known as Writers Block to share his words on paper.

Here is an excerpt from one of Arthur's pieces that he wrote about the loss of his mother Janet.

I try my best to keep my composure,
because everyone knows the devil can smell fear,
we take the cold steel elevator the only direction it goes,
all the way down,
to the darkest pit of my imagination,
with a golden fiddle, and tune like a riddle,
the devil leads me to what seems like the only room,
and politely opens the door,
and right there in bed instead of my soul, I see my mother's
lifeless and cold, I know this not to be her but an illusion,
my mother has passed I know this to be true,
but what I see before me is a cruel trick of death,
I can stand it no longer,
I break into tears and scream in her ears,
this is not fair,
just when I am at my lowest point,
I see a glint of golden light shining from a cross,
an older woman from the east,
an angel in scrubs comes to my side,
and tells me I haven't lost her at all,
she is inside my heart she sings,
although this does not heal me completely,
the angel has made quite a point,
she holds me close, and strokes my hair,
for what seems like another eternity,
for a moment the anguish of hell subsides into silence,
and I hear the devil shrink, shrivel, and cease,
I find myself alone in the hollow halls,
alone with my thoughts,
I make my through the echoing labryinth,
and somehow I find my way home.

For those of you who would like to help or learn more about Arthur here are some of his sites:
City List of Walk
Walk donation page
Breast Cancer Awareness donation pages

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