Monday, March 7, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #34 - That Mom

Well, I have become that mom. I had always wondered if I would be one of those nervous, overprotective moms that others look at and think, “Gee, loosen up”. I totally am. For the first few months after Stella was born, I actually let myself think that there was hope for me. I tried to go with the flow and be open minded, leaving all of my own issues with sharp corners, dust, dirt and germs behind. Well, it didn’t even last a year.

What really has brought this all out is the fact that Stella has been attending quite a few children’s birthday parties. I am usually quite excited for these fun-filled events as I am far away from reaching my birthday party max. My thoughts are filled with seeing some good friends and watching Stella play with other babies her age. It is so amazing to see the babies communicate as they all scream and shriek and point back and forth in a language that is a mystery to all us adults.

At the last few birthday parties, the “that mom” side has come out. When I walk into the party, all I can see is dirt, germs, and danger. I begin to fear that baby Stella is going to get her clothes dirty, contract some nasty, goopy nose illness, or smack her head on something. Even worse, get smacked in the head by the older, more unruly party goers. I start to tighten my hold on her as she squirms and wiggles in attempt to get out of my arms and join the party. What a nightmare.

Breathe, I tell myself, or rather my husband does. As I gingerly place her in what appears to be a safe spot, I smile and try to look relaxed, but am well prepared to shoot my “teacher look” at any child that dares to somehow harm Stella. Unfortunately, my precious child is destined to give her mother a heart attack. The other weekend I looked over at Stella in a baby wading pool of plastic balls just in time to see her sucking the fingers of another little boy. Good thing I know his mom. They should have alcohol at these things. Maybe my husband’s theme of “Kegs and Clowns” for Stella’s 1st birthday isn’t such a bad idea. Stella loves to party.

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  1. All I can say is you will have a coronary when she when starts at pre-school

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    Thanks and have a great day!

  3. This is great: "all I can see is dirt, germs, and danger" - Let me tell you... I am right there with you. I am a major germ-phobe and hate dirtiness. I am constantly wiping julianna's face off b/c I can't deal with drool face or food on the face, etc...
    So yep, I might be 'that mom' too LOL! Good post!

  4. The unruly older kids - ahh, yes. My nephew wacked my little girl in the face with a chewed up (by dogs) baseball bat. Thank God his dad and my husband were there to handle the discipline. I grabbed her and walked away. And this was at my Mother In Law's Birthday!

    Thank you for linking up with the Explore Play and Learn blog hop. Sorry it has taken me all week to follow you back. The creepy crud decided to take up residence in my head. Now that I am feeling human again I am following and commenting. We are hopping again tomorrow and all weekend long if you want to link up again! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh no, that pool filled with balls was at my daughter's birthday party ;) While mom was freaking out, Stella sure was having a blast ;) I'm right there with you, though. I don't even want to think about some of these things!


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