Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Although the last thing on your mind right now may be shopping, I can't help but post this deal today. If you are anything like this haute mom, you never stop thinking about shopping, especially when it comes to buying for your little ones since they outgrow things so quickly.

This is another deal from Plum District and is for TODAY ONLY! The hip kids clothing company Lollipop Moon has a $25 voucher today that is good for $50 of kids clothing. And these aren't just any ordinary kids clothing. Lollipop Moon has the most chic, haute kids clothing around! Better yet, the number of vouchers you can buy is unlimited and can be used starting this Sunday, January 2nd through June 30, 2011 so buy 'em, stock 'em, and use 'em as you need 'em!

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