Monday, January 3, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #27 ~ Lions, Tigers, Teeth, and a Beaver

Let’s start off with a happy New Year to all of you! I hope this post finds everyone slowly recuperating from a fun and safe holiday season.

My last dilemma about teething was titled “Lions, and Tigers, and Teeth Oh My!” and I couldn’t have been closer to the truth. You all may be sick and tired of hearing about the teething issues but this one is an original…I can assure you that! Stella now has her two bottom teeth and we seemed to have hit a steady period in teething. Although she tends to get bothered by the little suckers at night, I am seeing instant relief when I put on the Orajel, and she has returned safely to her crib for fitful sleep. Well, more fitful than the week of sleep-in-bed-with-mommy anyway. Hubby and I were confident that the worst may be over for awhile until we discovered the most horrific thing EVER.

The crib is one of the “safe” places that we put Stella when we need to use the restroom, shower, or take a break while we are home alone. Now that she is rolling, scooting, kind of crawling, eating and grabbing, the floor is no longer available. We have noticed that she is VERY CLOSE to pulling herself up and standing in her crib and are well aware of the urgent need to lower the mattress but I must admit, we haven’t yet done it. Getting home from Northern California the other night, we placed Stella with a couple of toys in her crib while we decide to tag team the car and unload all the goodies together. During one of my trips back into the house I hear my husband calling me with a strange sense of urgency in his voice. He says to me, “You will never believe what Stella has been doing.” At this point I roll my eyes and think to myself that I have seen it all but my thoughts were quickly quieted. On the back side of her crib bars, I find SCRAPE marks in the wood. Scrapes so deep that there are grooves in the wood and the wood finish has completely disappeared. I can only compare this to the inside of a cage where an animal tried to scratch or bite its way out. Apparently our little monkey (or shall we refer to her as beaver now) has been gnawing away at her crib bars during this teething time. I guess mommy could have saved some pennies on teethers, huh?

Is this normal?! I am debating writing a little letter to the crib company to discuss whether or not easily removing finish with my baby’s teeth might be a concern for them or if it should be a concern for me. I have been looking for little wood chips in her teeth since then. Ugh. Guess I need to find a safer “safe” place while I am at it too.

The beaver marks...

My little beaver showing off her pearly whites.


  1. oh my gosh, that's crazy! look at those teeth! they went from barely being there 2 weeks ago, to full on teeth! hope she's sleeping better now.

  2. Now that you mention it, I think I remember the same thing. I'm hoping cribs have passed so many standards that it's not toxic, but why must they chew on wood?! ;)

  3. we have a bite guard we got at babies r us on our little guys crib to protect him & prolong the life of his crib; I think all kids do this!!

  4. OK this just made me hysterically laugh out loud. I never even thought about that- never even considered it! Then again, my kid doesn't have a tooth yet, so why would I! I think I'll take Mitzi's advice and get the bite guard LOL. Good to hear about these things so I know what to expect!

  5. What a beautiful daughter! I'm following you over from Give It To Me Tara! Blog Hop! With GFC, Twitter and Facebook

    Hope you can come by and see me sometime.


  6. My crib came is said bite guard but I love that you could totally do a scrapbook page on this and title it "Leave it to Beaver!" haha, that would be awesome! Love your blog btw, new follower!

  7. Ohhhh those little chompers! My best friends baby has just started doing this, and his crib is looking like an animal attacked it! I'm a new follower!

  8. I also would second the bite guard. i've seen them around at many baby stores. I also was really fussy about the finish we chose on our crib for that exact reason. I'm sure you ca look it up through your manufacturer. I would also assume most finishes these days have to meet some sort of minimum standard since all babies teeth.

  9. Ah yes - been there done that!

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