Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thrifty Thursday ~Blogger Call for Help!

In the spirit of Christmas shopping and the mad rush, I have decided to make the majority of my purchses from the comfort of my own home.  All of the gifts I have bought so far have bene online through various websites, and the good deals keep coming. Many of you mommy bloggers have helped me out by posting sites and companies that are offering some great bargains (like Old Navy sweaters, buy one get one free!). 

For this post I was hoping we could all help a mommy out and share our favorite shopping sites for the holidays.  Don't just limit it to kids stuff, our parents, siblings, and spouses all need some holiday cheer too!  I have tons of places to get Stella stuff but what about for the hubby and other adults?!

My favorite sites for the holidays are:
Mamabargains - great deals for the little ones
Green Baby Bargains - graet deals for your babes and all product are environmentally friendly!
Chunky Bling - fun, inexpensive jewelry for the siblings, and girlfriends

Check out my favorite sites and more importantly, list yours to share with the rest of us!


  1. I found a great site for unique gifts: I got my nephew the "construction utensils and plate." Super fun kid stuff. Then for my hubby, the "ticket stub diary." somehting he's been looking for for a long time to organize all the concerts he's gone to to without it being "girly!"

  2. Stop by the Good Memories Cafe Kelley, you won a prize there!

    My favorite place to shop is Etsy lately. There are so many wonderful artists and stores there!

  3. Online shopping rocks. I use the typical sites- nothing crazy. I can usually find almost everythign I want on Amazon.

    My favs... (always my fav for everything!) (barnes & noble)


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