Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!  After a long road trip from Southern to Northern California with Stella, our dog, and my brother we made a slower than usual drive up to my parents.  The hubby had to stay back to work at our store.  It is always nice to be home in the house you grew up in, no matter what anti-anxiety meds you must take to be under the same roof with your parents again.  Stella was a trooper all the way here and she was already getting spoiled the moment we walked through the door.

I was bummed that my hubby would not be flying in until late on Christmas Eve but I sucked it up and went to a Christmas Eve dinner with the rest of my family.  To my surprise, my brother walked in about a half hour later with hubby in tow.  He had surprised me and taken an early flight!  It meant the world to me that he was here in time to kick off the Christmas Eve festivities.  The night ended with hubby sleeping on the floor and me and Stella in bed sound asleep to counteract her new teething, sleep issues. Aaaahh, life with a baby.

This morning has been a whirlwind, like all Christmas mornings are.  I have my elastic waist leggings on with a tunic to keep up my haute mom appearnace while I bid all dieting instincts farewell until tomorrow. I hope all of you are making the Blissini's from Sunday's post like we are!  Happy holidays to all of you and wishing you the joyous of times on this very special holiday. 


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