Friday, December 17, 2010

Fashion Friday

The Carilyn Vaile pants that I tested this week were Carilyn’s TZ23 pant. As I described last week, these pants are super comfy and have a waist band that can turn the pants into a low, middle, or high waist. Even more fun, my personal favorite, you can pull the waist all the way up to wear it like a strapless jumpsuit! This is great for warmer weather AND the nursing mom (that’s me).

I first wore the pants to work and the first thing I liked about them was the wrinkle free fabric. One of my pet peeves is when you get out of the car or stand up from sitting at your desk and the pants are wrinkled. The pants survived the day without one wrinkle! The elastic waist (I wore a mid-high waist that day, almost like a cummerbund) was very comfortable and the wide legs even more so. I was thinking that next time I could probably wear some knee-high boots underneath without them showing a bulge. I have the dark grey ones that go with just about anything.

I haven’t tried them out as comfy pants but just from wearing them for one day, I know that I could go home, throw on a hoodie and flip flops and be able to be haute while hanging around the house with Stella or running errands.

These pants are QUITE the bargain considering you have dress pants, comfortable loungers and a stylish jumpsuit all in one! Stay tuned for next week when I test these babies out as part of my casual vacation since we are trekking home to chilly Northern California for Stella’s first Christmas at my parents’ house! I bet they will look great tucked into my winter furry boots!

Check them out at Carilyn Vaile!


  1. Super cute Haute Mama!

  2. Awesome!! I'm stopping by from the hop...and following!!

    Kristin :)
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