Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion Fridays

Welcome to Fashion Fridays!  One of the things I was reminded of during my first week back at work after nine months off, was the hassle of playing the “What to Wear” game. For me, it has been even more challenging as I try to see which of my old work clothes are forgiving around the last seven or eight pounds that I have left to lose. In the spirit of my obsessive need to stay haute, I looked to my good friend, ultimate haute mom and fashion designer, Carilyn Vaile for advice.

Carilyn Vaile is someone who makes juggling a career, kids, and home life look as easy as filing your nails. She has designed her clothes, Carilyn Vaile, for over 20 years, with the woman-on-the-go in mind. She believes that clothing should be fun, fashionable, and forgiving in a world where the multi-tasking woman should not have to worry about what she wears. Her designs can be described as “multi-functional” with dresses that can be worn forwards or backwards and skirts that double as tunics or dresses. Even better, she saves us all time and money by using fabrics that do not require dry cleaning, and are wrinkle resistant. You can find endless possibilities with just a few, key pieces from Carilyn’s line and a quick change from heels to flip flops.
Here is an excerpt from Carilyn’s article “Runway to Momway”:

“Thinking of Wonder Woman…as i often do heroically (i like to think) hustling throughout my day… The tight, shiny blue granny panties (my personal favorite) adorned with stars of excellence, the long luxurious and obviously organic-conditioned hair, the thick gold bracelets (solid, I’m sure) and of course her most defining accessory… the all-ensnaring Lasso of Truth! At many times in my career (not to mention my relationships) I would have loved to have had that lasso thrown around the writer’s and editor’s of countless women’s magazines, exposing the widespread misrepresentations, half-truths and ill advised directions regarding the daily fashion demands of the REAL Wonder Women of this world who juggle daily family, career, and countless demands and expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my intention to take away anything from the innovators of “art as fashion” that provide us with dazzling eye-candy and the can’t-live-without knowledge as to what country Brangelina’s next baby will come from…but, we all don’t live on Paradise island, and in the midst of all the smoke and mirrors the fashion industry has to offer, I am a realist and I’ve created a “Real-List”. I’m an entrepreneurial mother of 2 with a career and lifestyle that never sleeps. You’re not going to find me in thigh-high stilettos and leather boy shorts with a sheer shirt and vest as suggested in last seasons fashion pages unless I’m moonlighting as a stripper to put my girls thru kindergarten.
“Free time” is a commodity hard to find in a lady’s life these days. Split a mother’s day into a pie chart and using a microscope you’ll see the slice called “self-time”. Which is why over the last twenty years as a designer and stylist I’ve made it my mission to make women’s daily fashion realities much easier to swallow. Our cover mom Nicki Taylor was one of my first muses in regards to making multi-functional, easy-to-understand yet stylish fashion. My idea for “effortless-chic” attire came from seeing her extremely fresh and relaxed look and attitude all while keeping up with her twins. Given my understanding and first-hand knowledge that a woman must often be many things at many times I have felt my obligation was and remains to provide women a wardrobe that does the same.”

To help this mom stay haute and go from “Runway to Momway” as I return back to work, Carilyn has supplied me with some key pieces from her latest collection. The pieces she selected for me are versatile, comfortable, forgiving, and give me easy access to my new side kick at work, my Medela Breastpump. Over the next few weeks, Haute Mom’s new addition, Fashion Friday, will update all of you out there with these pieces in action (yes, I will take pictures), fashion tips and hints from Carilyn to help us stay haute, and even special Haute Mom access to Carilyn Vaile and her collections. I will be putting an awesome pair of pants to the test at work. In the meantime, browse her fabulous collections on the Carilyn Vaile website!

I will leave you with a couple of what Carilyn calls her "C2C"s (Catwalk to arpool) in the realm of working, keeping up with your kids, and looking haute while doing it.
  • (Muffin-top concealer): Architecture inspired apparel works wonders for the baking region of the belly. A well engineered “sack” dress can look very chic when worn over skinny jeans or Xanadu Style leggings.
  • (Be prepared): always keep a signature accessory in the diaper bag, your purse, the lunch box, trunk or all of above. A lightweight scarf, large pins, and chunky jewelry can be a life/face saver! I’ve learned this lesson the hard way! More than once I’ve needed that scarf to drape over unexpected leaking breasts and then tied down around my waist to hide the gum I sat on in the car. I thought I said “no chewing gum in the car”? It’s amazing the places gum shows up.

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