Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #25 ~ Terrible Teething

For months and months I have thought that Stella was going to sprout a tooth.  The chewing, gnawing and drooling have been going on for the past three months and I was sure that a tooth would make an appearance by Halloween...then Thanksgiving...Well bottom tooth #1 has finally appeared and with it so has fussy baby and sleepless nights!

Stella showing off her new tooth - 12.18.10
 (you may need a magnifying glass)
I have done the baby Tylenol, the frozen teethers, the Orajel, and I just bought a teething net that I can load with frozen fruit.  I am currently on a search for teething tablets which seem to have been taken off the shelves at every local Target even though I have taken Stella out in our Southern California's once a year downpour.  What's up with that Target?  You have plenty of things I don't need but buy anyway and you can't have my back this one time? In the meantime, I have been bringing Stella into our bed every night around 3 or 4 a.m. and let her nurse herself to sleepy land.  I am sure she is getting spoiled but what's a tired mommy to do?

Well, as I have learned as a haute mom in the past seven months, be careful what you wish for.  I couldn't wait for a little tooth to come popping through and with it came all kinds of fun (insert sarcasm here). I also have been wishing for crawling....maybe I should rethink that.


  1. She is sooooo cute!

  2. I remember those days and honestly don't miss them. (Ha Ha) My kids are 6 and 3. The oldest one is losing his baby teeth. All the best. Very cute blog!!!


  3. She is a cutie! I'm now following you from Hope you'll come by and check it out. BJ

  4. poor little Stella! i might go to the Seal Beach Target tmw, what should i look for?

  5. Congrats on little Stella's first tooth! Hooray! Funny b/c Julianna is 7 months and I keep thinking "this is the week her first tooth is coming in..." and then nothing... It seems every week is worse and worse with the drool & chewing, etc.... but yet no tooth! haha! LIke you said... be careful what you wish for! ha!

  6. Just found your blog and am now a follower. Your daughter is super cute. My son is 16 months old. He is working on his 2nd tooth. I too was using the teething tabs before the recall. My challenge with him is finding chew toys during this process. My older son was all about his binky at that time. We would put his binky in the freezer and he would be good for the night.
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  7. Do what you have to do to keep both of you happy and sane. Don't worry about spoiling her...that's basically your job right now. Mine don't have teeth, but they are crawling and it's crazy...I don't know what's better/worse! Hang in there mommy. XOXO


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