Friday, September 30, 2011

If You Can't Leave Em, Bring Em

With the winter looming ahead, the hubby keeps pushing me to commit to a few ski trips. Ah, I remember the days when we would take off on a whim to fly to the best snow for the weekend. My ski bag was always packed and awaiting its new destination. Now all I can see is a packed car of strollers, toys, and baby gear. I used to get 20 plus days on the slopes and last year I got four. FOUR! I had to ride in a packed car and take a nanny in order to get that.

Lately I have felt like this is the story of my life. Finding the time to do little things like run, get my hair done, or anything remotely FUN on my own has been so difficult. I know that part of that is due to my inability to just chill and not take on a million different things but it always worked out before, why not now? Oh yea, motherhood. I know a babysitter or leaving Stella behind with hubby is always an option but I have this inner struggle about being away from her when I am already away from her all week and two nights a week between both my jobs.

So, I have come to the decision to find more hobbies where Stella can join me. I have already worked her in to most of my runs and although running with a baby jogger is DREADFUL, at least I can convince myself that I am getting more of a workout. And she loves rocking out to my Dave Matthews tunes. After dusting off our kayaks a couple of weeks ago, we took her with us (she rode in my kayak with me) and had a blast. We also had a gondola ride (with champagne and appetizers) booked and decided to bring her along at the last minute since she loves the water. (Who needs romance these days?) I am going to put a trailer on my road bike and start getting out there on some long rides. The hubby and I recently tried Stand Up Paddle boarding (sans the kiddo) and I have decided that I am going to just try and stick her on the front (not to worry fellow moms, she will have a life jacket on.) That is tomorrow's activity. I know I do need the ME time but until I can juggle my schedule into a more effective one, I am going to try every attempt to find things to do for FUN where Stella can tag along without it being a total kid centered activity. Who's with me, haute moms? Let's get those ideas coming!

Happy Friday!

Family Gondola Ride

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  1. That is really cool that you brought your little one along. I like my me time but I can't help bring her along - she comes with me at my hair appt - they love her there and she is so used to coming to the nail salon with me she just hangs out with the ladies.

  2. I grew up traveling with my folks and I got soooo much out of it, I knew enough in a few languages to always be able to find my way back to the hotel, learned a ton about cultures and history and even corrected a history teacher and an English teacher when I got back a couple of times. I think its great to bring her with, and if she grows up without everything being geared towards a little one she will learn a lot. My favorite trip ever was Greece, surprisingly not Disney Land, so have fun as a family, she will grow up fast and have all those wonderful memories. :) Congrats on the spotlight this week at the Blog Entourage, I am a new follower and look forward to reading more. Have a great week.


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