Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Bore in the Kitchen

For those of you have gotten to know me, you know that I'm no Betty Crocker. In fact, I wouldn't even feel comfortable saying I'm Chef Boyardee. Nevertheless, I have been trying to sharpen my skills in the kitchen so that I can make Stella good, healthy meals. Well that and the fact that her daycare provider is like a gourmet chef. She makes homeade pizza for Pete's sake. I can't have her making me look bad.

I have my go-to recipes that I make for Stellas. They aren't very many but she seems to enjoys them and they are nutritious. I've been feeling like maybe I need to branch out and find some new things to try. Apparently Stella feels that as well. The other day, she was enjoying her ravioli, peas, and milk. This is a meal I make fairly often, which she usually gobbles up. Well this time she fell asleep. That's right. FELL ASLEEP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MEAL! I think she was trying to tell me something about my cooking. Anyone have any recipes they can share? This haute mom needs a little spice in her dishes it seems!

My mom's cooking is a snoooze!

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  1. That's so cute! My 2 year old son loves when I make him baked chicken fingers and sweet potato fries, or breakfast smoothies. Meatballs (chicken, beef or turkey) are also a great standby. I bake mine instead of frying, and freeze them in freezer bags. He likes them plain, with a dip, in pasta, in soup, etc. I post a weekly menu plan on my blog and have a few recipes in my recipe tab.



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