Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weight on Your Shoulders

No matter how hard us haute moms try to keep it together, there always comes that time where it all getrs to be too much.  There is that feeling that everything is crashing down all at once and it takes every last bit of energy to keep your head above water.  I am having one of those times. 

I never know what exactly triggers it.  Most of us haute moms are busy because, well, we are haute.  We juggle our roles of employee, mother, child, cook, creative soul, wife, sibling, and whatever other roles we choose to fill in our daily lives. Usually it is effortlessly and with style.  Sometimes, however, those balls we are juggling all come crashing down into a useless heap on the floor.

As a woman, some spa time, a drink with the ladies, or a quiet night at home is enough to rejuvenate us.  Now I find that some of our roles (like being a mom) don't offer any time off and finding that important time is next to impossible.  The hubby asked me today why I needed any time, especially when he never gets any time off.  You can imagine where that conversation ended up.  Tonight I am struggling with finding my place, and picking up all of those balls that have fallen.  To be honest, some I would rather just leave on the floor.  While there once was a day I could steal for myself when times got rough, I know that tomorrow, the alarm will go off, Stella will be up, and I will be forced to deal with my twelve hour day.  I guess I need to find a new way to rejuvenate; one that is a lot less time consuming.  For now,  maybe I will just go by a really hot pair of heels online.


  1. Time is totally important!...and next to impossible. Lol. The Mr. and I try and trade off... he can go fishing only if I get some spa time, he will have a night out and next time I get one, etc. The only down fall is we end up doing a lot of stuff without each other...which is when we call for reinforcements (Grandma or a babysitter)!

  2. I hear ya, sister. Sometimes I wish I could just run away screaming and return in, oh, about a month or so. I think that's about how long it would take for me to reboot and feel like myself again. But of course, that won't ever happen, so I guess I'll settle for my hubby watching the kiddos so I can go get my hair cut occasionally. LOL! I'm a new follower via Networked Blogs from the Wednesday Blog Hop! (I didn't see a GFC button, although I could have missed it).

    Anyway, love your blog! I write a humor blog about all things motherhood. It's usually good for a laugh, and occasionally a snort or two. Hope you can stop by sometime... it's not a day away, but a laugh can sometimes make you feel just as good... even if it's only for a moment. Hey... we have to take what we can get, right?

    Have a great rest of the week!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood


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