Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back from Heaven

After an absolute amazing weekend at The Gorge in Washington, it is back to reality. To me there is nothing better than the Dave Matthews Band. To top it off with a completely surreal venue like The Gorge takes the experience to another level.

Although we left Stella behind for four days, my hubby and I were soon thankful for my parents (who came down to watch her) while enjoying the view and free cocktails from the VIP tent. Friday was the first of three, wonderful, music-filled days ending each night with the Dave Matthews Band. I looked longingly at the small kids that were there and even got my baby fix by holding a few, but was grateful to be able to share the weekend with my hubby and some baby-free time. There were some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (like a midnight screening of a movie after the concert) that we were able to enjoy, which would not have been possible with Stella. I even met Boyd and Jeff, two members of the band, after the screening!

This weekend taught me that we all truly need and deserve some time off from parenting and that when you do have the chance, take it and make the very best of it. I was so happy to come home to my baby girl and will never forget this weekend. I am not do happy about the extra pounds I put on from endulging myself all weekend but these tight pants are a small price to pay for the weekend. Have any of you had similar weekend getaways? I hope they were as great as mine and if you haven't...take one! A haute mom deserves it!

The Gorge

Me and Jeff Coffin

Hubby and I in the VIP tent

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  1. How incredibly awesome! I am a DMB fan also but we were not able to make it up to the Gorge this past weekend. I heard a rumor of DMB in Vegas in December and may try to swing that. What a cool way for you and your hubby to spend "couple time" and leave the baby behind. We all need a break sometimes!

  2. Oh wow - how cool! I was just telling my husband that we need even just a night out without Julianna - we love being with her all the time, but sometimes you do just need that couple time! Way to go! :)


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