Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hitting the Road

A haute mom is always dreaming about that "escape" vacation where the children are just a loving thought and the concept of time to yourself has returned. The reality of actually getting that vacation is not easy but every now and then a chance pops up and you grab it!

The first time I left Stella overnight was to fly across the country for one night to go see my favorite band Dave Matthews Band. I cried all the way to Chicago (a 5 hour flight) but once I got there I had a blast. Today I am preparing to leave my little sassy pants behind to head to see the Dave Matthews Band in a 3 day music festival at the Gorge in Washington. Did I mention we are going as VIP; haute all the way! Four days is a lot more than 36 hours and I must say the excitement is squashed by anxiety.

My parents are landing from San Francisco in a couple of hours to hold down the fort for four days. The hubby and I take off at the crack of dawn until Monday afternoon. I have some guilt mixed with that pang in your heart you get when you know you will be away from a loved one. My husband keeps reminding me how much I need and deserve this trip but the mommy in me wants to be home with Stella. I keep reminding myself that Stella is going to have so much fun she probably won't know we are gone but I still can't shake that feeling.

I know we will have a fantastic time and that the feeling will pass. I am already changing our flight so that we get back earlier Monday then originally planned even though it will involve us waking up at 4 a.m. This is just a reconfirmation that even when you can grab that kid free vacation the mother in you never goes away. :)

"It's just me and you doggy."

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