Friday, June 17, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #46 - All On Her Own

Wow time flies when your having fun, or rather changing diapers and slinging baby food. We will be hitting another stage of mommyhood next week when Stella starts home day care!

After much thought, we have decided to place Stella in a home day care program that was recommended by a friend of mine. It is a little scary but I will be working three days a week for most of the summer and there just happened to be an opening for the same three days. I guess you gotta take little signs as hints once in awhile.

There are a few things that scare me about day care like germs, sickness, and well, germs. I guess we will take all the advice we can get and learn as we go just like everything else. The place is fantastic and Stella's eyes light up every time we visit so that's all that for everything else, only time will tell!

Maybe I should not let her accessorize on her first day.

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  1. Aw best of luck to you she will enjoy it I'm sure! My daughter loves going to day care to play with her friends and its so good for them to socialize and be around other kids! Most daycares are pretty good with cleaning & sanitizing everything so I wouldn't worry too much about germs plus a bit is good for helping to stabilize their immunity.

  2. Julianna goes to a daycare at a woman's house - she watches 2 other children and I have to tell you - I love it. Our daycare provider takes such good care of Jules... and I feel so good about leaving her there- She cares about her so much you can just tell! It is very very hard at first to leave them no doubt. After a few days of going there and dropping her, you'll know that you made the right choice. It has been 9.5 months for me and I still find myself wanting to see J about half way through the day. I can't wait to go pick her up at the end of the day. As for germs... I am the world's biggest germphobic... and I am learning to let some things go. I do keep a pack of antibiotic wipes in the car, and when i pick Julianna up and get her in her car seat, I wipe her hands and face down with a wipe immediately. That makes me feel better LOL.
    Good luck with it! You all will do just fine! :)

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  4. We recently decided that I would return to work after being a stay at home Mom for 28 months to be exact. I am looking into daycares. I feel for ya girl. Cute pics by the way.

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