Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Haute Mom Needs a Nap

For anyone who told me once your babies sleep through the night its smooth sailing, you lied. We are back in the up at 3 a.m. pattern thanks to a thing we bitterly refer to as teething. And, my darling little monkey has 5 teeth coming in, some of which are molars.

The only thing that Stella wants to do is nurse. I have done the baby Tylenol, the Orajel, the Orajel swabs, and even tried baby Ibuprofen last night. Nothing works except mommy and uh...some mommy soothing otherwise she is up for at least an hour before she settles back down. I guess Stella didn't get the memo that I have to get up at 5:30 because some of us in the household have to work.

So a very tired mommy is trying to figure out not only how to help sooth her little gums but also how to keep her sleeping. For any of you who have gone through this, you know how angry they are when they wake up in pain. Not fun for any of us. I will keep trying different things and until then will probably need to stay off any freeways in case I fall asleep at the wheel.

Sleep?! Who needs sleep?

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  1. I swore by Camilia Teething when my daughter was teething. Thankfully she wasn't too bad and these did the trick for us. Hope the teeth come throuh fast.

    Bottles, Diapers ... BABIES!

  2. I hate to see our babies in pain - it eats me up inside. And I know I would do anything to make it stop. For us, tylenol works great for Julianna's teething- but it seems everyone has something different that works. I tried that hollistic stuff and it was a joke - it did nothing LOL. But some swear by it. I don't have any good advice to offer - but I can sympathize since we have been there (and still are!) Hugs to Stella! :)


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