Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Sunday - Family Time

Lazy Sundays, a day where I do as little as possible in preparation for the work week ahead, are slowly shaping into Family Sundays.  With this day being the only day my husband and I have off together, we are now finding things to do together, and with Stella now that she is older.

I remember back in my non-mommy days, Sundays were called "Sunday Fundays".  Long days filled with champagne brunch, mismosas, beers, and BBQs have turned into days just as fun, but so different.  My hubby even tried to talk me into getting a pedicure today (that must be a clue as to the shape of my toes) and I turned him down, asking instead to spend the morning as a family at Disneyland.  No, I was not under the influence of any foregin substance.  Honestly, that is all I wanted to do.

I love spending time as a family, enjoying Stella, even if it means I go without a pedicure or the laundry doesn't get done.  Well, I lie, I did the laundry yesterday, but the point is that family time has taken over as first place in my list of things to do.  A year has gone by and boy has my life changed.  Mimosas and too much sun has changed into sunscreen and a $5.00 bottle of water at Disneyland.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Happy Sunday haute moms!


  1. Awwwwww I love Sundays!!! I had mimosas with some girlfriends you can still do both :) BTW She is adorable!!!

  2. i still want a Funday with you whenever i get back for a visit!

  3. Oh yeh - I totally get it. Isn't it amazing how you change but it's for he better b/c being with family is #1! Although, I can't do without the peddi. LOL


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