Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nursing Moms!! Milkscreen Test Review and Giveaway

I am still working on weaning Stella and have gotten her down to her to only two nursings a day! Looking back, breastfeeding was definitely required a learning curve.  I can remember those first few weeks of nursing and putting my head back and crying.  Was she latched on correctly?  Was she getting enough milk?  Will it always be so uncomfortable?  And what about the amount of time it consumes at first!?  It feels like in the beginning, all you do is nurse, pump, clean your pump parts, and then it's time to friggin' nurse again.  There were many days and nights where all I wanted to do was drink away my sorrows.  It is just another one of life's cruel jokes on women; we have to watch our drinking if we choose to breastfeed as well!  As though ten months of pregnancy wasn't enough!

There are some haute moms looking out for all us nursing mommies and created the greatest thing since Spanx (also another necessity since baby).  This creation has helped me through many nights (and, ok, days too) when I felt like being a normal person and having a glass of wine or two. Milkscreen is another fabulous  product from Upspring Baby to make the haute moms life a little easier.  They are alcohol detection strips for breastmilk.  That's right!  They are easy to use strips that tell you if that last cocktail was one to many for your precious little one!

I surprised my hubby last weekend and took him to see Prince.  We went early and had a little picnic, with alcohol of course.  I used Milkscreen when I got home to see if the milk I had pumped needed to be dumped.  Check it out!

Pre-partying at Prince


Just one dunk into the milk!

Clear means safe milk!  Stella can drink this milk!

I used this for months while I was breastfeeding and never had to wonder about safely nursing Stella.  I would just test my milk right before I was going to nurse or test my pumped milk.  It literally takes less than 5 minutes.  With this, haute moms can go out without worrying about passing up on that glass of wine or cocktail.

Upspring Baby has again generously offered to host a giveaway for a 20 pack of Milscreen!  They have recently come out with a new and improved version and Haute Mom followers get a chance to test it out!  To enter this giveaway you must follow Haute Mom publicly and tell me what your favorite signature drink choice is! Leave one comment telling me this and please include your email. You must do this before you complete any of the extra entries!

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Good luck to all you haute moms! The winner will be chosen by at the end of this giveaway which is Saturday, June 25th at 9 p.m. PST.



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