Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Summer Sale!

Carter's Summer Sale started today and just in time too! Stella is at that awkward clothes point again where her 9 month size pants look like capris and she is still able to crawl right out of (literally) her 12 month size pants. For some strange reason, ALL of her pajamas are too small, no matter what size! I swear, these brands got together and pulled out some type of sizing consiracy, didn't they?

Anyway, who doesn't love Carters with the cute yet fairly inexpensive children's clother. When it is sale time, you can't beat it! The numbers for this sale are $6, $8, and $10 so be sure to check it out. I know I will be stalking up for the summer months now. I also plan to outsmart them by buying a VARIETY of sizes - who's smart now, huh? Yeah...I just caught on.

For all of you that are actually in-store shoppers, I have a special coupon for you. An extra 20% off if you spend $40 or more! Who needs more of an incentive than that?

Carter's Coupon - click here


  1. Thank you for sharing! They are opening a Carter's store very close to our house soon! I think I will follow your tip and stock up in various sizes!

  2. I LOVE CARTERS. that might be my favorite store along with children's place. I have more clohtes for Julianna than I know what to do with now but I can't stop buying. I think I have a problem LOL


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