Friday, April 8, 2011


After an especially long week, I find myself more than ready for some quality weekend time. The school district I work for is going through some tremendous budget cuts leaving many of my good friends wondering if they will have a job next year. This week brought on hearings for those teachers, sending me into the classroom as a substitute teacher, as many classes needed coverage. I was soon reminded how much energy it takes to do this! Hats off to all teachers, especially those that have children at home.

As some of you may remember, I took a position in the Health Curriculum office when I returned after being off with Stella. The office had been a calm welcome after those days subbing. Add teaching my college class to the list and a night out at a hockey game and we have one tired mom. Full weeks help time fly by but I predict some mommy-daughter nappy time this weekend.

Here's to everyone having a relaxing weekend! TGIF!

Hockey Night Out - Go Sharks!

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