Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #40 ~ Time to Wean

My goal for breastfeeding Stella was always to make it to one year.  I had read that this was the best thing for your baby and one year was the recommended time period.  I also had some personal issues with giving Stella formula and so my goal for a year was powered by that as well.  I must say, two weeks into BFing and I didn't think I would even make it to one month.  Yet, here I am, still a nursing mom just a few weeks shy of Stella's 1st birthday.

I have started reading about the weaning process here and there.  I started with my What to Expect the First Year trusty book and then started combing through other sources.  As always, there is a wealth of information out there with plenty of props for making it to one year (yay for me!).  It looks like a gradual process will be the least traumatizing for Stella as well as for my milk supply so that is the route I plan on taking. 

Weaning?  I don't think so!

I have to admit, eliminating one feeding at a time has me a little nervous.  There is something inside of me that is slightly worried that Stella is going to starve if she doesn't nurse before dinner, or before bed, etc.  Can I really just not give her any milk and just feed her solids for dinner?  I usually nurse her, then plop her in her chair for her jar food and whatever finger foods may come her way.  Isn't she going to get less calories without the milk?  Do I just feed her more of something else? Is this where the role of whole milk is going to come in?  Yikes!  This has me so nervous!  So I will go on with my neurotic self and blast her pediatrician with all of these questions (and I am sure there will be more by then) or her next doctor's visit. 

I did some experimenting today since I am home for spring break this week.  I pumped and then put her milk in a sippy cup in place of her mid afternoon BFing session.  At first she sipped it right up and even followed it with a little, "Mmmmm."  I was so excited.  This was going to be easier than I thought! The little rascal must have been doing it for show because she then threw her cup, turned and went for my shirt.  So much for that idea.  I guess it will just take some time but I would love some advice on how everyone else went about it.  Between the pulling of the shirt and the four LARGE and SHARP teeth, I know it is time to get this weaning party started.


  1. Since Jake was 3 1/2 weeks old I introduced breast milk in a bottle and he loved Breast Feeding and the bottle (which ever he got food from ;) ). I was lucky there. Not as lucky on the sleeping front. When he turned 7 1/2 months I started adding Formula in his oatmeal for breakfast (coupled with fruit), and his usual veggie and fruit for lunch, and then for dinner a little formula in his rice cereal (coupled with veggie and fruit). I make all his food. He loves it and it's so easy! I breast feed him through out the day in between the solid food feedings. Since the formula had NO reaction, I recently started 1 bottle at night. I usually feed him dinner, bathe him, and then the formula bottle with rice cereal.... girl, he sleeps almost all night now! With all the traveling Grant and I do it was really hard packing all the bags and then the stupid pump too. I feel like the one bottle is going great, and eventually when I completely wean it wont be too bad since at least I know he can take the formula. But, soon it will just be whole milk! Since your almost in the year zone I recommend pumping like crazy, and saving it. Start giving her those saved BM and wean from nursing. Soon, you can put whole milk and maybe she'll be used to the sippy cup? Jake loves his sippy cup! He grabs it from me and slurps it down! Just wait till you see him tomorrow! He's a big boy! Good luck! You'll do great! xo

  2. I am impressed that you were able to breastfeed for so long. You are such a great mommy for that! I found you on bloggy moms. Please check out my blog when you the chance! http://imjustagirl86.blogspot.com/

  3. I stopped nursing Zavier on the breast well before his first birthday. He became used to breast milk in a bottle. When it was time to wean, I mixed breast milk & whole milk in a bottle, (about 70/30), until all my frozen milk was gone. All the while decreasing the breast milk & increasing the whole milk. He didn't have any issues with the transition.

    Stella may have a hard time transitioning from the breast to the bottle, (regardless of what's in it). If you can get past that you should be good to go. She might be resistant, (Zavier was), but you've got to stand firm on bottles/sippy cups and no boobs.


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