Monday, April 25, 2011

Thank You Easter Bunny!

Although we were not particularly religious growing up, Easter was alwasy one of my favorite holidays.  I have fond memories of the smell of vinegar floating through the air as I drew on my eggs with the clear wax crayon before dunking them in dye.  The Easter Bunny never failed to bring us a basket of goodies, balanced well with both fun items and candy, as only a mother could do.  A box always arrived in the mail just in time for the weekend with Peeps and other digustingly good sweets from my grandmother.  Of course, after the grand egg hunt in and around the house, the day always ended with a wonderful Easter dinner.

 Now that Stella is 3 weeks away from turning 1, we have completed our first round of all the holidays, gingerly trying to start our own traditions.  Those traditions happen to mostly follow what hubby and I experienced growing up.  For Easter, Stella got a number of baskets from both grandparents and from my sister, Auntie Amy.  She enjoyed the baskets and wrapping more than anything inside the baskets just like a baby should.  My parents came down for the weekend and got to share the holiday with Stella.  It was nice to have a family brunch and enjoy the day. After all, that's what holidays are all about in the long run.

I hope all of you enjoyed fun Easter festivities with your loved ones!

Stella with her Easter chick from Auntie Amy

Stella tearing through her Easter basket

And what am I supposed to do with a purple egg mom?

Easter brunch

Enjoying the weather


  1. Really cute Easter pics! Great Blog too.

    Found you in the Teachers' Blog group at bloggymoms. Your newest follower.


  2. Stella is getting so big! Awww! Glad she loved her Easter basket - too cute! i CAN'T beleive our little girls are almost 1 year old! Amazing!!


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