Saturday, April 9, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #38 - It's Time to Party

I have been throwing around ideas for Stella's first birthday party since she was like 6 weeks old. One glance at my calendar last week sent me flying into reality that not only was it time to start planning Stella's birthday, I was behind! We have attended quite a few kid's birthday parties in the last few months and they have ranged from relaxing, back yard BBQs to over the top petting zoos (no, I am not kidding).

Stella is ready to par-tay!

Our style is more of the backyard gathering but our backyard is well, non-existent. We have some space but after making our invite list, we realized we needed more of a large park. Definitely doable where we live but nobody wants to stake out picnic tables at 8 am and have to guard them all day long. When I looked into reserving a picnic site at one of our city's parks, they were over $300. With that money, I might as well go with the petting zoo!

After much discussion and input, I think we have decided to have a small gathering at our house. My husband just brought home some darling children's yard chairs and from the looks of it, Stella is more comfortable in her own backyard (er, front yard) anyhow. I have decided on a zebra theme and will enjoying all the party supply shopping! This may mean that we have to keep the guest list small but I know that most people will understand. I will just start cutting from the in-law side. :)


  1. Very cute picture! I am stopping by from the weekend blog hop. I am your newest follower...I cannot wait to read more. I hope you will stop by and follow me back :)

  2. Isn't it so hard to figure out the details of the "First" party!? It took me a few months to figure out what we were going to do as well ... and don't laugh but we are doing a butterfly release (goes with the theme!)- so your petting zoo idea was, uh, not really too far over the top truthfully. LOL. Whatever it is, you will have a beautiful day for Stella! :)

  3. First party is one of the hardest to plan but it's all worth it!

    I have decided to award you The Versatile Blogger award! Check out my post at to accept your award.


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