Monday, April 18, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #39 - The Nursing Mom

I have been posting about all the issues surrounding breastfeeding for so long that I can't believe that I have almost made it to my goal of 1 year!  The posts about the BFing in public and the pumping...remember the one when I had to travel to Boston and tried to bring pumped milk back in my suitcase (and succeeded, thank you very much!)  Now BFing seems like second nature and at times, almost easier.  Not to mention all the money that I have saved from not buying formula!

I realize that there are many needs and various views out there about nursing.  For some it is very important, and for others formula is just as good.  Some moms make the choice to nurse or not and others do not have a choice.  Some moms find that 4 or 5 months is as long as they can go, while other maybe go on longer than 4 or 5 years.  Either way, to each her own and from the bonded groups of mommies out there, I think we all respect each other's opinions in this area.

I just got back from the doctor again (yes, still sick..."worse" according to the doc) and she wants to change my medicine to an aggressive 10 day course.  AGGRESSIVE!  Yes!  I like it!  Let's kill those little throat germs!  The only problem is that the antibiotic recommends "using caution" if breastfeeding and my doctor translated this as "you cannot nurse".  For 10 days!   She gave me some helpful suggestions but I'm thinking, "Look lady, I didn't come this far, 3 weeks away from my goal, for you to tell me I should just give her formula for 10 days."  I do have some frozen milk but I am not sure if I have enough.

It is funny that just yesterday, while I was resting in bed, I was reading my trusty What to Expect the First Year to see what it suggested about weening. I know it is time to be thinkging about this; my mother told me yesterday that this might be a perfect time to start since I am ill.  I do NOT like the fact that Stella would have to go cold turkey for 10 days.  I am just not sure what to do.  Honestly, I am wondering (since I have a virus) how much this antibiotic is really going to help and if it is going to be worth putting Stella on formula, even part of the time for the next week and a half.

Darn it.  Being sick is ten times more complicated when you are a mommy!


  1. My pediatrician "okayed" me to introduce milk about 2 weeks before Zavier's first birthday. I mixed breast milk and regular milk in a bottle for the transition. When all my frozen milk was gone I put him on regular milk only. I would talk to your pediatrician about that and see what the verdict is on that. Because it WILL stretch your frozen milk supply. When he showed that he had no milk allergy and liked the taste of milk. I stopped pumping altogether

  2. Hello fellow BFing blogger! Congrats on meeting your one year goal! That is AWESOME! :) So sorry to hear that you're not well.

    You know, I had a kidney infection a few months ago and I really didn't want to get a prescription for antibiotics. What I did was research some natural methods for it and I discovered raw garlic was just as effective. After 5 cloves a day for a few days, my kidney infection resolved itself. I was able to continue to breast feed without any side effects at all (aside from breath issues easily solved with mint!)

    I blogged about it here:

    By the way, I would LOVE to have you join my breast feeding directory!

  3. HEy girly!! I emailed you back a few times and I am not sure if you have received them or not...I am very interested in doing the blog hop tomorrow!! I sure hope I can still be the guest host....Love the blog by the way! I am a follower!!
    Sadie Jane

  4. Let us know how it goes! My baby is almost 10 months and I'm thinking of weening around 1 year. It's scary, but inevitable! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. The fact that you made it this far is great! The first week I was bfing I thought I was lucky if I made it to 3 months. Well, 3 months have come and gone and we're still going. I have a goal to get to 1 year as well. Pat yourself on the back--you did a great job!

    BTW, I'm following you now!

  6. That is so awesome you stuck with it I also mad e goal to get to 1 year and am only 2 weeks away from my little guy being one it is crazy how it seems so hard at first and as time goes it really is just second nature. I am even a little sad to let it go I'm not gonna lie. I am a new follower and am digging this blog.


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